Calling All Parents — Protecting Our Young Drivers

We’re all facing some serious risks on our roadways, with the winter driving season, with the increase in traffic, with the inclement weather and with other dangerous factors. But it’s our teenage drivers who may be at the highest risks for accidents out there.
That’s why safe driving advocates created Drive it HOME, a website designed to help parents and guardians to keep teen drivers safe.

Our Rock Hill car accident lawyers understand that car accidents continue to be the leading cause of death for our teens and young adults. As a matter of fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that there were close to 2,000 drivers who were killed in car accidents in 2010. In addition to the fatalities, there were another 185,000 young drivers who were injured in these accidents. In South Carolina, there were close to 100 young drivers killed in traffic accidents throughout the state.

It’s important that we keep the conversation going about safe driving habits with our young drivers. They may think they know it all and they may think they’re invincible behind the wheel, but the truth of the matter is that they’re at the highest risk. Make sure they’re aware of the dangers that our roadways present to all drivers. Share with them the risks that are involved with obtaining a driver’s license.

Luckily, the good news is that we can work to reduce these risks and keep them safe out there and safe driving advocates are here to help parents to get their young drivers on the road to safe habits behind the wheel.

Ways to help reduce the risks of teen car accidents:

-Provide them with plenty of practice time. Ride along with them often. When driving them around, make sure you’re on your best behavior and setting the safest example possible.

-Consider signing a parent-teen driving agreement. This way you can set out the rules and regulations for safe driving. You will also have the opportunity to lay out consequences for breaking any of these rules.

-Talk with other parents and guardians. It can be tough enforcing rules with your teen when their friend’s parents don’t enforce rules. Tell other parents about your feelings. ‚Äč

-Review road laws and regulations. Make sure they’re aware of the rules of the road.

-Limit your teen’s nighttime driving. Their risks for an accident are higher during this time.

-Consider enrolling them into a safe driving course. Not only will it help to keep them safe out there, but it can also help to save on their auto insurance.

-Make sure you and your teen understand the state’s graduated driver’s licensing (GDL) laws and abide by them.

-Limit the number of passengers they can drive with. Passengers serve as serious distractions and can severely increase your teen’s risks for an accident.

-Make sure young drivers understand the risks associated with distraction driving. Make sure they know to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. Cell phones and other electronic devices can wait until the vehicle is at a complete stop.

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