Vehicle Defects Present Risk in North Carolina Car Accident Cases

Cars are supposed to be designed in a way that ensures they are reasonably safe and provide appropriate protection to occupants. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong with vehicles, causing harm to the drivers who are operating the cars or to others who may be sharing the road.

Our Asheville car accident attorneys want to warn drivers about new car recalls of vehicles that are unsafe for passengers in a collision. We also want to remind drivers that when a vehicle defect occurs and causes a car accident or exacerbates the damage done, the vehicle manufacturer can be held liable for the car accident injuries. 110348_cadillac_front_wide-angle.jpg

The Recent Recall Due to Collision Risks
According to a November 14 article on the Wall Street Journal website, General Motors is recalling a number of its popular vehicle models because the cars have problems that present a risk to passenger safety. The vehicles being recalled include certain Cadillac sedans, as well as newer model Chevrolets and Buicks.

The cars are being recalled because they create a dangerous situation in the event of a crash. For example, the 2013 Cadillac XTS sedans have rear-seat head restraints that may not properly lock into the upright position after they have been folded into place forward. As a result, the rear headrests may be lower than is permitted under federal safety standards and, thus, the risk of an injury is greater. The Buick and Chevies, on the other hand, have driver’s side front airbags that may not work right.

The GM cars are being recalled because they create a risk to passengers and drivers in accidents, but they are not the first cars to be recalled. Other vehicles have been subject to recalls because they had faulty accelerators or brakes that increased the chance of a crash occurring.

When Car Accidents Happen Due to Vehicle Defaults
When a car accident happens as a result of a problem with the car, instead of because of something that one of the driver’s did, then the car accident victims may be able to take action against the car manufacturer or distributor or salesman instead of or in addition to taking legal action against the driver of the car.

Being able to sue a product manufacturer because of a defective car gives you an additional defendant who you can potentially recover from after an auto accident. If the other driver was still responsible for causing your crash, but a vehicle made things worse or made the crash more likely, you could take action against both the driver and against the car manufacturer. By developing a claim against multiple possible defendants, including car companies that tend to have larger insurance policies or cash reserves, you can ensure that you get the full damage amount that you are entitled to on the basis of the circumstances surrounding your accident and injuries.

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