Intersection Changes, Defective Roads & North Carolina Accident Risks

In December, officials with the North Carolina Department of Transportation will be modifying the intersection of Hickswood Road and Willard Road in Guilford County.

Our Greensboro auto accident attorneys are asking drivers to keep their eyes out for construction and to travel safely. We’re also using this time to focus on intersection safety. As a matter of fact, about 40 percent of the near 6,000,000 car accidents that happened in the U.S. in 2008 were intersection-related accidents, according to
Officials are modifying the intersection to give all lanes a stop sign. This intersection has been deemed as dangerous with the current traffic control devices. Right now, only traffic traveling on Hickswood Road is required to stop. In addition to the new stop signs, officials will also be laying down new pavement markings. During this transformation, you can expect lane closures and changes. Road work will be taking place between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Officials decided to make this an all-way stop after the Department conducted an investigation that found that there were a number of safety concerns, including limited sign distance, at this intersection. If inclement weather hits the area during this construction, upgrades will be postponed.

While crews are in the area making these changes, you’re urged to be alert behind the wheel. Keep an eye out for transportation workers and keep an eye out for other drivers. The changes and the road work may throw off some drivers. Drive defensively and cautiously to reduce your risks of an accident. Review the following rules to make sure you know how to get through safely and legally.

As you approach the intersection, follow these rules:

-Remember that the first vehicle to stop at the intersection gets the right-of-way over any other vehicle that has not come to a complete stop.

-When there are more than one vehicles stopped at the intersection at the same time, allow the vehicle to the right with the right-of-way.

-The vehicle that has the right-of-way can move straight ahead or, if legal after making their signal, may turn right or left.

-When two vehicles get to the intersection at the same time, both are allowed to move straight or to make a right-hand turn. If one of the drivers wants to turn or the other wants to make a left, the driver who wants to make the turn is required to wait. The driver who is heading straight always has the right-of-way.

-Even with the right-of-way rules in these areas, make sure you’re always using your turn signals and be aware of other vehicles. Just because you’re following the rules doesn’t mean that other drivers are going to as well.

In more than 95 percent of intersection car accidents, driver actions are the culprit. Be safe out there, be alert (especially near intersections) and be on your best behavior. Bear with the traffic changes and keep calm.

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