Excessive Speed a Highly Risky Behavior & Top Car Accident Cause

In one out of every three fatal car accidents in the United States, speeding plays a roll in causing the wreck. The National Safety Council (NSC) also indicates that speeding is the third leading factor contributing to all traffic crashes and that it causes as many as 13,000 deaths each year in the U.S.

As these statistics show, the risks of speeding are not minor. Our Charlotte car accident attorneys urge drivers to be aware that speeding can both increase the risk of a crash and increase the risk of serious injury. As winter gets underway and the weather gets bad, slowing down and making sure not to speed become even more important. 834002_nospeed.jpg

The Dangers of Speeding
Statistics have shown time and again just how dangerous speeding is. NSC, for example, reports that there are huge costs associated with speeding. As many as $40 billion in medical costs and lost productivity are incurred in the U.S. each year, which means that the United States society spends $76,000 for each minute that drivers gain by speeding.

Although these statistics underscore the dangers of speeding, some people still go too fast. In fact, this December, as the News Observer reports, one man lost his life as a result of a driving too quickly.

According to the News Observer, the 47-year old Wendell, N.C. man was killed in a speeding related crash in early December. The driver was going in excess of 100 miles per hour in an area with a posted speed limit of 35 MPH. Since he was going so quickly, he lost control of the vehicle and he crashed into a tree as a result. When the driver hit the tree, he was thrown from the car by the impact. He was subsequently taken to Wake Medical center in Raleigh, and he passed away while he was in the hospital.

Why is Speeding Such a Risk?
The recent tragic death of the Wendell, N.C. man illustrates yet again some of the grave risks associated with going too fast. While Wendell’s speed limit exceeded the posted limit considerably, any driver who is going above safe limits is at risk of losing control of his or her vehicle.

Speed limits, especially lower limits, normally indicate either that the area is a residential or a highly populated one, or that the road is one that requires a little extra care such as a hilly or windy road. The faster a person goes, and the greater the amount a person’s speed exceeds the posted limit, the greater the danger to the speeder and to others on the road.

Speeding is also dangerous and increases the risk of a fatal crash because drivers may be unable to stop in time to avoid obstacles and because the increased speed increases the force of a car wreck. When a driver crashes at 35 MPH, it is far less dangerous than when a driver crashes when doing 100 MPH.

Unfortunately, drivers who speed and especially those who significantly exceed posted limits, put other innocent victims at risk of injury as well. If you have been hurt by a driver who is speeding, an auto accident lawyer may be able to help you make a claim for compensation.

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