Commercial Drivers May Present Accident Risk this Holiday Season

Commercial drivers are entrusted with transporting passengers and with driving large trucks throughout North Carolina. Unfortunately, when a commercial driver isn’t properly skilled in what he or she is doing, this can cause serious harm to passengers and to other drivers on the road who have to coexist with large commercial vehicles. The risk of accidents is greater with an inexperienced commercial driver and those accidents are likely to be more serious than those just involving passenger cars.

Because of the major dangers presented by car accidents involving commercial vehicles, our Asheville auto accident lawyers want to draw your attention to the recent LexisNexis commercial driver safety report. The findings in this report are disturbing and should give cause for concern for any driver who has ever encountered a truck or commercial vehicle on the roads. 979783_bright_orange_truck_1.jpg

Inexperienced Commercial Drivers Present High Car Accident Risks

On November 15, 2012, LexisNexis Risk Solutions announced the results of their third annual Commercial Driver Safety Report. According to Bulk Transporter, the report revealed some startling findings. In particular, the study revealed that there was a nine percent rise in false employment history in 2012 among commercial drivers.

The 9 percentage point increase in false employment history occurred between 2008 and 2012. With this increase, the report indicated that a full 38.97 percent of drivers had either false employment history or an employment history that could not be verified.

If the history of an employee cannot be verified, it is impossible to determine if that driver has the requisite experience to safely drive a commercial truck. Many insurers are reluctant or unwilling to provide coverage for a driver of a large truck or commercial vehicle unless that driver has at least two years of experience. Responsible trucking companies typically also have a policy in place that they will hire people only who have actual real-world experience in driving commercial vehicles or trucks.

Having experience is essential to being safe when driving a commercial vehicle. Without being able to check employment history, companies may be hiring inexperienced drivers or may be hiring drivers with past safety violations. This could put everyone at risk if trucks are being driven by people who are not qualified.

Unfortunately, it is likely that this problem will get worse before it gets better. There is a significant shortage of skilled truck drivers in the United States and many companies are scrambling to find enough qualified people to fill positions and to keep all of their trucks on the road. If drivers do not have the experience to take these positions, it is possible more false employment histories could be provided or that companies could overlook potential signs of false employment details in order to fill their workforce.

Car Accident Dangers
An inexperienced commercial driver is prone to making a number of mistakes that could lead to a crash. Drivers who have to share the roads with these inexperienced truck or motorcoach drivers are at serious risk of being harmed. If injury does occur, the individuals who were hurt may be able to take legal action not just against the driver but also against the trucking company for negligent hiring practices in employing individuals without confirmed and verified employment histories.

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