Angry Driver Inflicts Lifelong Injuries on College Student

A South Charlotte car accident on Interstate 485 left a Central Piedmont Community College student with serious injuries. According to accident and injury reports — she’s lucky to be alive.

It happened when, according to witnesses, a man in an SUV slammed into the young driver’s vehicle in an act of road rage. When her vehicle was hit, it flew off the interstate and into a tree.
In the accident, the young driver suffered from broken ribs, a stroke, two punctured lungs, a carotid artery dissection, broken ribs as well as serious brain injuries, according to South Charlotte News.

Our Charlotte car accident attorneys understand that your actions behind the wheel can affect your life, and the lives of others, for a lifetime. With the Central Piedmont Community College student, she is having a difficult time with depth perception and trouble completing everyday tasks. She can’t even lift her arms high enough to brush her hair or her teeth. Now, she and her family are focused on catching the enraged driver. Officials are still not entirely sure what caused the accident but witnesses report that it was the cause of road rage!

Unfortunately, the car insurance the young driver has isn’t going to cover medical costs, which are adding up day by day. She can’t collect from the other party involved either because it was a hit-and-run accident.

The costs keep accumulating, too. She’s bound to face recurring costs with recovery, including doctor visits, medication, therapy and other unexpected costs.

The sad truth about these kinds of crashes is that they’re completely preventable, but they still keep taking lives on roadways across the nation. There’s no reason that someone should get so bent out of shape behind the wheel that they put lives in danger. Unfortunately, this happens each and every day.

Be definition, road rages means “a criminal act of assault which may stem from a confrontation that occurred on the road,” according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

How to Avoid Road Rage:

-Don’t cut off drivers and apologize if you happen to. We all make mistakes, apologize for them.

-Try not to tailgate other drivers. Keep your distance to not only keep other drivers from flying off the wheel, but to help to improve everyone’s safety.

-Refrain from honking the horn in non-emergency situations.

-Don’t make any offensive or inappropriate gestures at another driver.

-Stay away from other drivers who may be enraged. Keep your distance and call law enforcement officers if you feel anyone is at danger.

-Avoid eye contact if you encounter an aggressive driver.

-Leave yourself enough time to get to your destination at a steady pace, rather than trying to make good time and rush.

-When faced with a problem out there, take a deep breath and remember escalating a situation will only make things worse.

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