Carolina Traffic Safety: Start the Holidays with a Commitment to Buckle Up

The use of seat belts is essential in preventing serious car accident injuries. Fortunately, seat belt use in the Southern States is at historic highs. However, while more people than ever are buckling up, efforts still continue to education the public and to enforce seatbelt laws.

Asheville North Carolina auto accident attorneys applaud efforts by lawmakers to educate the public on the importance of buckling up before getting behind the wheel. Seatbelts have a very real effect on saving lives and reducing serious North Carolina auto accident injuries.

Every driver should buckle up, every time. 107206_buckle_up.jpg

Seat Belt Use at Record Highs in Southern States
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) tracks seatbelt use through a National Occupant Protection Use Survey. In a November release, the NHTSA indicated that seat belt use has been steadily increasing since 1994.

The most recent figures, however, show a dramatic increase in the use of seatbelts between 2011 and 2012. According to the NHTSA report:

  • Approximately 86 percent of all motorists are now buckling up.
  • The number of people using seatbelts in the Southern States raise from 80 percent in 2011 to 85 percent in 2012.
  • Seatbelt use is more common in states that have laws allowing law enforcement to pull people over for not wearing a seatbelt even if they have not committed other traffic offenses.

NHTSA Administration David Strickland attributed the increased use of seatbelts in part to educational and enforcement efforts, such as “Click it or Ticket.”

Click It Or Ticket Informs Public on Seat Belt Use
Click It or Ticket is a campaign designed both to increase seat belt enforcement activities and to educate the public on the importance of seat belts. The Click it or Ticket Campaign involves a partnership between the Department of Transportation and state and local law enforcement officials.

Click it or Ticket has been successful in encouraging seat belt use and the North Carolina Department of Transportation has announced in a November release that a Click it or Ticket campaign will be launched during Thanksgiving.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation believes that this enforcement effort will help more motorists to avoid serious North Carolina auto accident injuries during holiday driving. Both drivers and passengers should be safely bucked, reducing their risk of injury in a car wreck.

The North Carolina DOT also emphasized the success of past efforts. They cited a study from the Research Triangle Institute released in 2011 revealing that North Carolina’s rate of seat belt use was 88.7 percent.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that most North Carolinians are wearing seat belts, 397 unbuckled motorists died in 2011. With increased emphasis on the importance of seat belts as well as law enforcement cracking down during the holidays to ensure that people are cited for driving without a seatbelt, the hope is that fatal North Carolina car wrecks can be avoided over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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