North Carolina Parents: The Most Important Teen Driving Instructors

Teenage drivers are learning from your bad habits.

According to a recent study from Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and with Liberty Mutual Insurance, more than 65 percent of teenagers think that their parents feel that they don’t have to follow the same driving rules. According to Claims Journal, the recent study talked with more than 1,500 teenage drivers and asked them about what their parents are doing behind the wheel and how it has affected their driving habits.
Our Rock Hill car accident attorneys understand that parents are some of the most influential people in a young driver’s career behind the wheel. The recent study even concluded that teens repeat their parents’ poor driving habits in equal amounts. According to the recent survey, about 90 percent of parents were reportedly talking on a cell phone frequently while driving, another 88 percent were reportedly speeding on occasion, close 20 percent were witnessed by teens driving under the influence of alcohol and another 7 percent were busted by teens driving under the influence of marijuana. Seat belt use was no better. Close to half of teens who were surveyed say that they see their parents drive without a seat belt all of the time.

Because teens are watching their parents partake in these dangerous driving behaviors, they’re turning around and doing the same thing. According to the survey, about 90 percent of teens are talking on the phone behind the wheel, about 94 percent are exceeding posted speed limits, about 80 percent are reading and sending text messages and 47 percent aren’t wearing their seat belts. About 15 percent are driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Teens are being told not to engage in these driving behaviors even though the ones who are telling them not to do this are doing it themselves. It’s the “do as I say, not as I do” complex. As a matter of fact, about two-thirds of teenage drivers say that their parents are following a completely different set of rules than they are and that’s just not fair. Everyone in your household should be following the same safe driving rules!

“Parents have to demonstrate good driving behavior from the onset so new drivers understand that safe driving rules apply to everyone equally,” said Stephen Wallace with SADD.

Parents can help to reduce teen accident risks and may help to keep our young drivers safe by simple setting a safe driving example. Many teens are getting their license this fall. And the busy holiday travel season is already nearly upon us. Always be on your best behavior behind the wheel, especially when your teenager is in the vehicle with you!

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