Traumatic Brain Injury: Concussion Keeping Earnhardt Off the Track

Most know that Dale Earnhardt Jr. actually grew up one town away from the Charlotte Motor Speedway? While he is far from the only full-time driver in the state, he is one of NASCAR’s most well-known and most respected drivers, according to WISTV10.
Unfortunately, he had to sit out two races because of two separate concussions that he’s endured over the last six weeks. This marks the first time that an Earnhardt won’t race in Charlotte since 1978. This is also the first time an Earnhardt won’t run a Cup race since the 1979 Southern 500.

Our Charlotte car accident attorneys understand that Earnhardt isn’t the first professional driver to endure show-stopping injuries throughout their career. Brian Vickers? He’s another well-known driver from North Carolina. He was forced to sit out back in 2010 because of blood clots. In almost all injury cases though, drivers push through as the stakes are so high.

Drivers are so dependent on sponsorships to keep their driving career alive, and that they’re afraid to miss out on races in fear of putting their deals in danger. Take the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship for example. If a driver misses out on one race, then they forfeit their chance at the title.

And that’s exactly what Earnhardt is facing. The accident happened in the end of August. He slammed into a wall during a run in Kansas. He told officials that he suffered a concussion in that accident but he didn’t go to the doctor because he didn’t want to lose his chances of winning. At the time of the accident, he was third and the start of the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship was just a few weeks away.

The truth of the matter is that concussions and car accidents can happen to anyone — you don’t have to be a professional race car driver. Diagnosis of these conditions can be difficult and consulting an attorney is a good idea to protect your rights even in the wake of a minor accidents.

Earnhardt didn’t go to the doctor right away either. If a medical professional said that he wasn’t allowed to race, then his entire season would have gone down the drain.

After a recent car accident at Talladega, Earnhardt said enough was enough. He had endured a headache for days and placed the fate of his racing career in the hands of a neurosurgeon. The surgeon ultimately decided that it was far too dangerous for him to go back out there until his injuries had healed. Now, Regan Smith will be in the No. 88 Chevrolet in place of Earnhardt.

Better safe than sorry. Brain injuries and concussions are serious injuries that can be life altering. Proper diagnosis is key to proper rest and treatment.

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