South Carolina Ranks #1 for Most Dangerous Roads in U.S.

South Carolina ranked number one but it’s a dubious honor.

This isn’t a race that we wanted to win. The Palmetto State was ranked number one for having the most dangerous highways in the United States. This recent announcement comes just as officials with the South Carolina Highway Patrol reported a decrease in the total number of fatal car accidents so far in 2012, according to WMBF News.

Our Greenville accident attorneys understand that there are about 30 fewer fatal accidents this year compared to the numbers for the same time last year. While it’s a step in the right direction, it’s not promising with the rank of our highways. The agency just got done enforcing its ‘100 Deadly Days of Summer’ campaign, which was used to help to raise awareness about the dangers of travel during this time of the year.

“We would love to see a time where no one dies on our roadways. But we’re going to continue to do what we’ve done this year with the high visibility enforcement,” said Lance Corporal Sonny Collins with the Highway Patrol.

The recent study was conducted by a research company out of Washington. They looked at each state and analyzed six factors, including how often motorists wore their seat belts, what the conditions of the highways were and the fatality rates on these roadways. According to the study, South Carolina bombed all the way across the board. We were one of the worst when it came to our seat belt usage. When it came to our fatal accidents, these seat belts played a huge role. So far in 2012, about half of the people who were killed in car accidents on our highways weren’t buckled in when the accident happened.

The most dangerous road in the state was U.S. Highway 17. According to the most recent accident statistics, six of the thirty fatal accidents recorded in Horry County already this year happened on U.S. 17.

This year, U.S. 17 has seen close to 600 accidents. Coming in at second place was Highway 501 with more than 485 accidents and then Highway 544 with more than 230 accidents.

Regardless of where you’re traveling or what you’re traveling in, you’ve got to keep safety as a number one priority. We’ve already been ranked as number one for having the most dangerous roadways in the country, we have nowhere to go from here but up. Let’s all work together to help to make our roadways safer for all and to reduce the risks of these accidents.

Remember to wear your seat belt, too. That’s your best defense against serious injury and death in the event of a collision.

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