Elderly North Carolina Driver Sends Two Motorcyclists to Hospital

A local elderly driver is facing serious charges after reportedly causing a car accident with two motorcyclists, both seriously injured in the wreck. According to JD News, the 90-year-old driver has been charged with neglecting to give the right of way resulting in serious injury. The accident happened on Sand Ridge Road as the motorcyclists were heading north. Scott Merritt with the North Carolina Highway Patrol says that the elderly driver pulled out of the Dollar General store and attempted to make a left onto Sand Ridge. Upon doing so, she turned right in front of the path of the motorcyclists.
Both of the motorcyclists were seriously injured in the accident. They were transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center and to Onslow Memorial Hospital.

Our Charlotte car accident lawyers understand drivers need to be more cautious of motorcyclists on our roadways. In fact, failure to yield is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents involving vehicles and the driver of the vehicle is usually at fault.

Others might think that we need to keep a better eye on our elderly drivers. There is no cut-off age for drivers. Take the example of race car driver and movie star Paul Newman. When he drove in his last event, the “24 Hours of Daytona” endurance race, he was 80-years-old!

Still, the Paul Newman’s of the world are rare and we’ve got to keep an eye on the rest of our elderly loved ones. There are signs to alert us to possible areas of concern, according to the Senior Driving Program with AAA. Officials with AAA say that most people are alright to drive well into their advanced years, but for many there does come a time to hang up the keys. Most of the time, deterioration in driving skills is the result of an underlying medical condition or prescribed medications and has nothing to do with hitting a specific age.

We’re asking you to get involved. We urge you to check the driving of your elderly loved ones as we round out another year and head into the busy holiday travel season. There are warning signs that might help to alert you that they’re no longer safe behind the wheel:

-If they’ve gotten two or more traffic citations in the last two years. Citations are a good predictor of accidents.

-If you notice dents or dings in their vehicle that weren’t there before.

-If they’re having a tough time with their maneuverability. Make sure they’re staying flexible and can move about the car as needed.

-If they’ve been involved in two or more accidents or “near-accidents” in the last two years. Accidents signify a problem with reaction time and even with depth perception.

If you witness any of the above, make sure you sit down with your loved ones. Your talk can save a life. Make sure you let them know that giving up their keys is not giving up their independence, but it’s helping to ensure a longer and a safer life.

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