North Carolina Tractor-Trailer Accidents Leaves Roads Covered in Booze

A tractor-trailer accident near Charlotte left close to 45,000 pounds of beer on the roadway. It was anything but a street party as traffic was delayed for hours, according to The Independent.
Officers report that cleanup crews spent about 5 hours trying to clear the mess. It happened on Interstate 85 near Gastonia. Local police officers say the truck’s driver was cited for driving unsafe for the road conditions.

Our Charlotte car accident attorneys understand the dangers that are presented by tractor-trailers. These large vehicles produce many hazards. Drivers need to be extra cautious when traveling around these large commercial vehicles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were close to 4,000 people who were killed in traffic accidents with a large truck in 2010. There were another 276,000 people who were injured in these accidents. Unfortunately, accidents that involve tractor-trailers, semis and big rigs oftentimes produce some serious, if not fatal, injuries.

In the state of North Carolina, there were approximately 1,800 vehicles involved in fatal traffic accidents in 2010. Of these vehicles, there were more than 100 large trucks involved in these accidents.

When you’re riding in a 4,000 car and you get into a collision with an 80,000 pound semi, your risks for injuries are pretty high. The size, weight and power of tractor-trailers leave us in passenger vehicles virtually powerless.

Drivers are asked to be careful and cautious when driving along our state’s roadways, especially when we are sharing these roadways with large trucks. One wrong move can wind up costing you your life. Considering following the safety tips listed below, from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), to help you stay safe on our roads.

Safe Driving Tips:

-Never travel too closely to a large truck. Allow them with plenty of room.

-Never travel in a truck’s blind spots. If you aren’t able to see the driver, they’re not able to see you.

-Never linger on the side of a truck. If you’re passing one, do so briskly.

-Never cut off one of these trucks. They take a lot more time to stop than our passenger vehicles.

-Always wear your seat belt. This is one of your best defenses against injury in the event of an accident.

Most importantly, you have to remember that these vehicles aren’t the same as the ones we drive. They handle differently and they need to be treated differently. Practice your most defensive driving habits when sharing the road with large trucks to help to keep you and your passengers safe.

Compensation for the accident and for your injuries is oftentimes available through a company’s or a corporation’s overall liability insurance policy for accidents that are caused by commercial trucks like tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, delivery trucks and other similar vehicles that are owned and operated by companies. It’s important to contact a lawyer who is experienced in handling Carolina truck accidents to discuss your rights.

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