Carolina Accident Watch: Schools Back In Mean Child Pedestrians are Out!

School is starting back up in South Carolina and during this time of the year, we’re warning drivers about the presence of school bus riders and school buses along our state’s roads.

Both riders and buses bring about risks for accidents if drivers aren’t aware and careful. To help to keep them safe, Congress provided states across the country with funds for a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program back in 2005. These programs are still running strong and have been proven to be beneficial in helping to keep our students and motorists safe.

According to the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT), this program helps to encourages children to walk and bike safely to and from school. The program helps communities in planning, developing and implementing activities and projects that can help to improve safety for all travelers and to reduce traffic in the area, all while promoting a healthy lifestyle for all residents.
There are five E’s to a comprehensive plan through the Safe Routes to School Program: Engineering, Encouragement, Education, Enforcement, Evaluation.

Our Rock Hill injury lawyers understand that young bus-riding children aren’t always able to recognize or understand the dangers that are associated with vehicular traffic. It’s our responsibility as parents, as guardians, as friends and as members of the community to do all that we can to help to protect our young ones. Parents are urged to talk with their kids before they head out of school this year. Teach them about safe traveling habits. Motorists are asked to be cautious in areas where bus stops can be found as well as near residential and school zones.

Walking to the Bus Stop and to School Safely:

-Never allow young children to walk alone. Always supervise these young pedestrians.

-Older children should never walk alone. Make sure they walk with a buddy.

-Make sure you plan out a safe route with your child. Make sure they stick to this route.

-When near the street, children should never horseplay with one another.

-Teach children to never talk to strangers.

-Dress your child in brightly-colored clothing so that they’re easily seen by passing motorists.

-Children should always look both ways before attempting to cross the street.

-Always walk, never run, across the street.

-Never wait for the bus or to cross the street on the road. Stay behind the curb.

-Obey all crossing guards and traffic signs and signals.

Motorists must take special care when approaching children. About one out of every five children who were killed in a traffic accident in 2008 was a pedestrian. During the entire year, there were nearly 4,400 pedestrians killed in traffic accidents. Another 70,000 were injured. An alarming number of these injuries and fatalities were young children. In 2008, nearly 300 of these fatalities were of kids under the age of 14-years-old. Help to keep them safe during this school year and be on the lookout behind the wheel.

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