More Accidents and Higher Insurance Costs, For Men At Least

When it comes to paying for car insurance, sex matters. Generally, men dish out more for coverage than women, according to Yahoo.
“Men traditionally have been paying more for decades,” said Loretta Worters with the Insurance Information Institute (III). “And while the cost gap closes somewhat after age 25, it never fully closes.”

Our Charlotte car accident lawyers understand that the main reason for the higher costs for men is simply because they have higher risks for accidents. They’re more likely to engage in riskier driving habits behind the wheel.

Accidents equal payouts for insurance companies. They’re not too fond of payouts! When you categorize accidents by the sex of the driver, men were involved in nearly 20 million more accidents than woman from 2000 to 2009. Women also typically have less serious accidents when they do crash, they get fewer traffic citations and they also have fewer drunk driving accidents.

There are a few ways that men can work to lower their insurance costs though.

The first thing a guy can do to lower their insurance rates is to turn 25-years-old. That’s right. All you have to do is age. Younger drivers typically have higher costs of insurance coverage because they’re less experienced behind the wheel and therefor have higher rates of accidents. Insurance rates typically drop after 25 because companies believe that they will drive more responsibly with more maturity and more experience.

The rates of accidents among women are catching up to those of men, meaning that the gap in costs could shrink in the future.

More women are driving now than ever before, too. Back in 1963, there were 40 million female motorists in the country, accounting for about 43 percent of the driving population. Back then, women were more likely to be found in the passenger’s seat while the men drove. That’s not so much the case today. Currently, women account for about half of all licensed drivers in the country.

There’s also been an increase in the number of aggressive female drivers. As women become involved in more accidents, the rates may equalize and the gap in coverage from men to women could shrink in the near future.

Regardless of your sex, you’re urged to drive safely and responsibly. Many times, insurance companies offer drivers a discount in their policy for safe-driving habits. Your best bet is to focus on your driving habits instead of your insurance rates. When you become a safer driver, you have a better change of your rates dropping.

Did you know that there are ways that you can lower your car insurance rates? Be sure to talk with your insurance agent about these discounts to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible!

Popular Insurance Discounts:

-Safe Driver Discount: Is your driving record clean? Tell your agent about it. Many companies offer discounts to safe drivers!

-New Car Discount: Many new cars come with some serious safety features. These features are going to help you to stay safe in the event of an accident. A safer occupant means less money that an insurance company will have to dish out in the event of an accident. They like that!

-Low-Mileage Discount: The less driving you do, the less likely you are to get into an accident.

-Pay-in-Full Discount: Paying upfront can help you to get a lower rate. This avoids any risks of late payments, too!

Remember that these discounts are not available with all insurers, but make sure you know which ones your company offers!

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