Fatal Car Accident Warrants Installation of Guardrail in Cove City

There will be a new guardrail installed at the curve located on Highway 55, near Turkey Creek Road, as a result of a pretty serious accident that happened back in November.

According to Doug Landon with the Highway Patrol, the driver fell asleep behind the wheel and smashed into the guardrail. His daughter was inside the car when the accident happened and was trapped with her dead father until she was found about two days later.
Residents in the area frequently complained about the danger at that bend and say that a guardrail has been needed for a while. A North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) spokesperson says that after each fatal accident, officials investigate the factors and determine if any improvements need to be made to that particular portion of the road.

Our Cove City personal injury lawyers understand that the young victim in the accident is finally speaking out. She says that what officers are saying is the cause is not the truth. investigators don’t agree, saying that they may never be 100 percent sure, but all of the collected evidence points to the driver falling asleep at the wheel because of a “chronically sleep deprived condition.”

His daughter says he simply lost control of the vehicle. The young victim’s moms says that she thinks a tire blew out, causing the father to lose control.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a car accident, it’s critical for you to contact an experienced attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you to get the information and investigation you need. It’s important to get more than one look at the accident. An attorney can help you to comb through finer details to help to make sure that the facts all line up and that justice is served.

Officials are banking on drowsy driving as the cause of the accident.

Drowsy driving is in fact a serious problem. Many people don’t even realize the dangers that accompany this condition. According to DrowsyDriving.org, drowsy driving contributes to more than 1,500 traffic fatalities and another 71,000 injuries each and every year. Experts believe that this number is actually much higher because drowsiness isn’t properly noted in accidents all the time. There’s no simple test to determine if a driver is drowsy, like there is to determine if a driver is drunk. Drivers need to be more aware of the signs of drowsiness and need to understand the dangers. You know not to drive drunk. You need to know not to drive while drowsy.

Officials believe that Drowsiness/fatigue may play a role in crashes attributed to other causes such as alcohol. About a million such accidents each year are thought to result following a lapse in driver attention.

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