North Carolina Officials Join Feds to Reduce Risks of Heatstroke Accidents

As we recently reported on our North Carolina Car Accident Lawyers Blog, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) officials have decided to team up with safety officials at Safe Kids Worldwide to help to educate parents about and to raise awareness of the risks that are associated with leaving kids in vehicles during the hot summer season.
Now, officials with North Carolina are joining the cause, too. In the state of North Carolina, there were nearly 20 kids who were killed in these kinds of accidents since 1998. Most of these fatalities occurred to kids who were under the age of 3. As we recently reported, heatstroke accidents resulting from leaving a child unattended in a vehicle is the number one cause of non-crash, vehicle-related death for kids who are under the age of 14.

Our Charlotte child injury attorneys understand that you might think that this kind of accident could never happen to you, but both federal and state officials know better. Officials understand that these kinds of accidents can happen to anyone, even the most loving and caring parents. In other cases, schools, daycare centers and other caregivers have been found responsible.

Officials with North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) warn parents that it only takes a few minutes for temps inside a vehicle to be lethal to a children. Children are not equipped to handle the heat like we are. If you have been outside, you know how hot it’s getting out there. According to The Weather Channel, Charlotte has seen temps in the 90s for weeks now.

“This campaign is designed for families with young children, but it applies to everyone who cares about the safety of children,” said USDOT Secretary Ray LaHood.

Nationwide, there were nearly 50 kids who were killed in these kinds of accidents, heatstroke resulting from being left alone in a vehicle. Heatstroke injuries and fatalities, medically known as hyperthermia, are ultimately preventable. Officials with the NCDOT and the NHTSA are working to put on a number of events in the state of North Carolina and elsewhere throughout the country to help to educate parents about these preventative measures and to help to raise their awareness about the problem.

Parents are warned to never leave a child unattended in a car. You shouldn’t even do this even when you’re “running in” to grab something. You also always want to check your entire car, both front and back seats, before getting out and locking it up. Many times, parents forget about sleeping or quiet children in the back seat. That’s how these accidents happen. With so many things on our minds and so many errands to get done, parents just forget. Most of the time, these are not malicious acts, but they’re complete accidents — accidents that can be prevented.

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