Child Ejected in Greensboro Car Accident -No Seat Belt Alleged

According to troopers, a 12-year-old girl was ejected from a vehicle involved in a recent Greensboro car accident on Highway 17. The accident happened around 8:00 p.m. WCTI12 reports that the young passenger was not buckled in to any kind of car seat or adult seat belt when the accident happened. The 18-year-old driver has been charged with failing to maintain lane control as well as a child restrain violation.
Our Greensville car accident lawyers understand how critical it is to make sure that our young children are buckled in during every car ride. The safety of these young passengers relies on the driver and the other adults in the vehicle. We are the key between life and death for our young passengers.

Unfortunately, not all adults are aware of how these children need to be seated and which child car seats they need to be seated in. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides that information.

Child Car Seat Recommendations:

-Children under the age of 1-years-old: These young ones need to be placed in a rear-facing cart seat and in one that is appropriate for their size and weight. Don’t get a seat that’s larger than they need in hopes of them growing into it one day. Keep these seats in the back seat and away from an active airbag.

-Children between the ages of 1- and 3-years-old: You want to keep these children in a rear-facing car seat for as long as you can. Once they reach the height and weight limitations for the rear-facing car seat then it’s okay to graduate them to the next step, which is a forward-facing car seat. Make sure that these seats are also in the back seat and away from an active air bag.

-Children between the ages of 4- and 7-years-old: Once your child outgrows the height and weight limitations of forward-facing car seat, it’s then time to graduate them to a booster seat. Children are still to ride in these booster seats in the back seat of the vehicle and away from an active air bag.

-Children between the ages of 8- and 12-years-old: You’ll want to keep your kid in their booster seat for as long as you can. Once they’ve grow big enough so that an adult seat belt will fit them properly, then they can graduate to the next level and ride like you and I. When sitting in an adult seat with an adult seat belt, the shoulder part of the belt should lie firmly against their shoulder and the lap part should fit snugly across their upper thighs.

Parents, you’re urged to select your child’s car seat based on their age, their size and their weight. You want to make sure that the seat fits them appropriately and that you use it during every single car ride.

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