Car Accidents in Greensboro and Elsewhere Targeted with New Incentives Bill

Congress recently decided to include some interesting safety provisions in the Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill to target some of the most common kinds of accidents and the National Safety Council (NSC) is applauding them for it. This part of the bill is offering monetary incentives to states that enhance their teen driving and distracted driving laws. Tougher laws equate to safer roadways. Laws and the enforcement of them help to keep motorists safe and alive.
Cell phone use is involved in about one out of every four car accidents in Greensboro and elsewhere. In addition, car accidents continue to be the number one killer of teenagers across the county. A number of studies have proven that tougher and stricter enforcement of Graduated Driver’s Licensing (GDL) programs help to reduce the risks that these teens face behind the wheel. States with stricter laws typically see fewer auto-related teen fatalities.

Our Greensboro car accident attorneys understand that drivers under the age of 18-years-old are prohibited from using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle in the state of North Carolina. This law may be in place, but we need law enforcement officers and parents to enforce it to make it effective. All drivers in the state are prohibited from text messaging while driving. We may not have the strictest distracted driving laws, but we sure don’t have the worst. Now all we need is drivers to listen to the law and to make sure that they keep distractions out of the driver’s seat. Parents are also asked to keep an eye on their young drivers, to not only make sure that they’re staying off the phone behind the wheel, but that they’re practicing safe driving habits as well.

“We are confident that incentives will provide encouragement to state legislators to enact distracted driving and teen driving laws that will reduce crashes,” said NSC’s CEO and President, Janet Fro
Officials believe that this bill has the power to help to make our roadways safer for everyone. Officials are also saying that they’ve seen this technique work before — incentive programs. There have been incentives before for seat belt laws as well as impaired driving laws. With these incentives, we saw lower rates of accidents resulting from the problems. The incentives work to encourage lawmakers to enact the necessary laws to reduce the risks of accidents.

Within the bill is nearly $15 million to help to get these lawmakers to make a move and to adopt tougher elements to their GDL programs. There’s an additional $25 million in grants being used to help lawmakers to create and enact tougher distracted driving laws, by getting drivers of all age to put down the phones and text messaging devices behind the wheel. Lastly, the bill also includes funding for distracted driving research.

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