Road Closed after Spartanburg Trucking Accident

A recent trucking accident in Spartanburg County forced officials to close SC-49 for more than 12 hours. The accident happened at about 5:00 p.m. when the driver lost control of his vehicle and flipped it over on its side in Cross Anchor near Horseshoe Falls Road, according to News Channel 7.

The roadway wasn’t reopened until after 6:00 a.m. the next day.
Officials with the South Carolina Highway Patrol say that the driver of the big rig will be cited for driving too fast for conditions. Ron Godfrey, Cross Anchor fire chief, says that this kind of accident happens all the time because truckers aren’t keeping an eye on their speed on this part of the roadway. County officials recently reduced the speed to help to reduce the risks of these crashes.

Our Spartanburg trucking accident attorneys understand that truck traffic can dominate the road. Unfortunately, these trucks carry some serious risks for death in the event of an accident. Their size and their weight pose life-threatening risks in the event of an accident. In the recent Spartanburg County trucking accident, we’re lucky that the driver of the big rig was okay and that no passenger vehicles were involved, otherwise the results would have been much different. That’s not always the case though.

To help drivers to stay safe when traveling near big rigs and other commercial vehicles on our roadways, officials with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) have stepped in to offer you with some simple safe driving tips.

Safe Driving Tips:

-Always stay alert behind the wheel. Don’t let your attention drift elsewhere. Curb distractions and keep your eyes and your mind on the roadway.

-Always wear a seat belt. In the event of an accident, a seat belt may be your best defense against injury and death.

-Never drink and drive. Consuming alcohol reduces your ability to react to roadway dangers and increases your risks for an accident.

-Make sure that everyone in your vehicle is buckled up and that children passengers are in the proper child safety seat.

-Stay calm on our roadways. In congested areas and in work zones remain calm and avoid aggressive maneuvers.

-Always obey the posted speed limits, other posted signs and all road laws.

-Adjust your driving habits to accommodate the current weather, road and traffic conditions.

-Never tailgate another vehicle. Following too closely reduces your ability to react.

-Keep an eye out for road debris and other roadway hazards.

-Keep cell phones and text messaging devices out of the driver’s seat.

-Check the weather and the traffic conditions before heading out. Adjust you route to accommodate these conditions.

-Call the NCDOT’s 511 number for free travel information. You can also visit the NCDOT’s website for this information.

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