Motorcycle Accidents in Asheville and Elsewhere Draws Attention of Statewide Organizations

The number of motorcycle rider fatalities in the state of North Carolina may have dropped from about 170 in 2010 to roughly 140 in 2011, but safe driving advocates are still worried of an increase with the coming season.

As we head into the Month of May, the risks for motorcycle accidents in Asheville and elsewhere are expected to skyrocket. Every year, the month of May records some of the most motorcycle accidents, more than any other month out of the year. That’s why safe driving advocates use the month of May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. It’s a month-long campaign that is used to raise awareness about our two-wheeled friends on our roadways and to ask motorists to be more cautious when traveling near bikers. To help to spread this message, the North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program and the Marine Corps recently joined their efforts together to spread a little education.
“We want to invest all the time, effort and resources we can to promote safety,” said Brig. Gen. Thomas A. Gorry, Marine Corps Installations East.

Our Asheville motorcycle accident lawyers understand that motorcyclists face some of the most severe risks for injury and death in the event of a collision. In an accident, motorcyclists are injured or killed 80 percent of the time while occupants of passenger vehicles are only injured or killed about 20 percent of the time. Motorcyclists are provided with virtually no protection in comparison to the protection provided to the occupants of passenger vehicles. That’s why we are asking drivers to be cautious when traveling near these vulnerable motorists. With safe and alert driving habits, we can all do our part to make our roadways a little bit safer for everyone.

Through the efforts of the North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program and the Marine Corps, a motorcycling event was held at Bogue Field in Carteret County. The event included an obstacle course to test bikers’ skills. There was also a motorcycle rodeo. It was focused on helping motorcyclists to better protect themselves on our roadways.

This motorcycle safety event has been taking place every year since 2009 and is held each year to correspond with Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

The two organizations joined together after the state of North Carolina saw a steep increase in the number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities back in 2008, many of them were seen in eastern part of the state.

Gorry says that since the launch of the partnership, the number of motorcycle accidents has decreased by nearly 50 percent.

Motorcyclists account for less than 5 percent of the registered vehicles in the state, but they account for nearly 15 percent of all of the motor vehicle-related fatalities. Education and awareness is the most beneficial way to help to reduce these numbers.

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