Mock Accident in Asheville Warns Students of Summer Dangers

“In less time than it takes to say ‘buckle up’ a non-seatbelted driver of a vehicle without airbags is most likely dead in an accident at 55MPH,” said a police officer at a recent seminar at Asheville High School.
Students were recently exposed to a mock fatal accident. From the beginning to the end, it illustrated the potential consequences of irresponsible driving habits, according to Mountain Xpress. The presentation was a way to help to get young drivers to curb the distractions behind the wheel and to practice other safe driving habits to help to reduce their risks of a car accident in Asheville and elsewhere.

Our Asheville injury lawyers understand that car accidents are the number one cause of death for teens across the country. As our high school students are let out of school for summer break it’s important to talk with them about the importance of safe driving skills. During these next few months, our teens face some of the most serious risks for car accidents across the state. Make sure you know where your teen is going, who they’ll be driving with and when they’ll be home. Keeping up with your kids whereabouts will help to raise the awareness in them about safe driving habits.

Young drivers in the city of Asheville got a sneak peek into the consequences of dangerous driving habits with the recent mock presentation. Officials with the Asheville Fire and Rescue Department were on hand during the mock accident and extricated the accident victims by cutting the roof of the vehicle. After the victims were removed, officers took out beer cans from the vehicle, illustrating that the teens were drinking and driving. Unfortunately, drinking and driving is common among this young age group. About a third of all teen drivers who are killed in car accidents across the state are involved in alcohol-related accidents. The unfortunate victim of the accident, played by one of the students, was taken from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene of the accident by Buncombe County paramedics.

You can imagine that there weren’t a lot of cheers coming from the crowd. This year’s junior class has already lost a fellow student in a car accident last year, so they could relate. Some of the students even turned their heads from the display.

The performance was coordinated by officials with the Bucombe County EMS, the North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Control Law Enforcement, District Attorney Ron Moore, the North Carolina Highway Patrol, the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department, the Asheville Police Department and the Asheville Fire and Rescue.

Parents are urged to join in on the education and talk with their teen drivers about the risks of accidents during the summer season. Helping to raise awareness in these young ones and helping them to practice safer driving habits may be our best defense against a deadly summer.

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