Car Accidents in Charlotte and Elsewhere Likely with Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby Weekend

It’s a big weekend! We’re not only able to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but we’ll also get to enjoy the Kentucky Derby, too.

Local bar owners, like Thom Perez of Hickory Tavern, understand that these events bring in big business. As a matter of fact, Perez says that he recent sent out mass emails over the weekend urging residents and visitors to come in and join him and his staff on this exciting and popular double holiday, according to the Gaston Gazette. He and other local bar owners are thankful that both of these events fall on a Saturday, making it awfully convenient for party goers and for business owners. This is especially important to the restaurants and bars that rely in the sales of alcohol to keep their doors open.
With all of the local bar and restaurant owners pushing specials for the big weekend, we’re asking all celebrators to make sure they party responsibly. There’s no reason not go out, grab a few drinks and celebrate good times with good friends. We’re just asking everyone to find a safe ride home and to take the proper safety precautions to avoid a potentially fatal alcohol-related car accident in Charlotte and elsewhere.

Holidays bring about some of the highest risks for these kinds of accidents on roadways nationwide. Our Charlotte car accident attorneys are asking everyone to plan out a sober ride home. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and our injury attorneys are here to offer you a few safety tips to help make your Cinco do Mayo/Kentucky Derby celebrations injury free!

Beer distributor, Carolina Premium Beverage in Concord, is seeing exactly how restaurants and bars in the area are gearing up for the big-sales weekend. Alcohol orders have doubled in just the last few days.

“Everybody’s loading up as we speak,” said Sales Manager Jason Dunn.

If you’re planning on going out and drinking for this weekend’s festivities, you’re urged to head out with a plan. You’re urged to take the following safety tips to avoid getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

Safety Tips from MADD:

-Make sure you have a designated driver before you head out. Make sure that your designated driver has nothing to drink. A designated driver isn’t the person who has had the least to drink.

-If you’re left without a designated driver, call a family member, call a friend or call a cab to get you home safely.

-If you can’t get a hold of anyone who is sober, stay over at a friend’s house.

-If you see someone you know who has been drinking and is attempting to drive, make sure you step in and grab their keys from them. Don’t ever let anyone you know drive after consuming any amount of alcohol.

The drunk driving accident lawyers at the Lee Law Offices, P.A. are here to offer help to victims and the family of victims of accidents in Charlotte, Hickory, Statesville and in the surrounding areas. Call 1-800-887-1965 to set up a free appointment with an experienced drunk driving accident attorney today.

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