North Carolina Car Accident Attorneys: Drivers Use Your Blinkers!

Safe driving advocates have got their eye on a new roadway danger. It’s drivers who don’t use their blinkers. It might sound a little silly, but it’s causing way too many accidents on roadways nationwide.

According to a recent study from the Society of Automotive Engineers, about 2 million auto accidents are caused every year because of drivers who fail to use a turn signal. The recent study concluded that drivers fail to use their blinkers about 50 percent of the time when changing lanes and about 25 percent of the time when making a turn. All of this neglect causes about 750 million car accidents in Asheville and elsewhere every year.
Why drivers do this is still up in the air. Is it because drivers are lazy, because there’s a lack of courtesy on our roadways or do they just not know any better? According to Ray LaHood with the USDOT, that’s more than twice as many accidents that are caused by distracted driving and it needs to be stopped.

Our accident lawyers understand that there are many reasons for car accidents on our roadways. They’re oftentimes caused by distracted driving, by drunk driving, by aggressive driving and by other irresponsible driving habits. It’s alarming that drivers ignore so many safety precautions behind the wheel. The turn signal is such a simple device and has the potential to be able to prevent so many car accidents, yet drivers continue to disregard the technology. It’s a move many experts may never understand.

There’s one thing that can’t be argued and it’s that turn signals are ubiquitous, simple and completely effective. Still, there’s an alarming lack of compliance among drivers and the use of these devices. The truth of the matter is that drivers have an obligation to use these devices, just as they have an obligation to follow every other road law.

Some evidence reveals that drivers are unlikely to comply with blinker usage because enforcement of this maneuver isn’t on the top of law enforcement’s list. Until police officers shift their priorities and focus on blinkerless drivers, the study suggests that car manufacturers grab hold of the “Smart Turn Signal.”

The “Smart Turn Signal” is a lot like the seat belt warning found in newer vehicles. It would help remind drivers, who aren’t using their signals when needed, that they should start doing so. The warning would be a flashing light on the dashboard or a small beep. It would also help to shut off signals that are not being used, much like how they shut off after a turn.

“This breakthrough represents a perfect opportunity to significantly reduce multi-vehicle crash rates, reduce vehicle cost and make driving a lot more friendly and courteous across the U.S.,” said Ponziani.

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