Risks of Child Injury in Rock Hill: Child Seat Safety

Remembering to buckle your child during every car ride may not be enough to ensure their safety in the event of a car accident in Rock Hill and elsewhere. Parents are urged to learn how to correctly buckle in children during every car ride. You may think you’re doing it right, but researchers recently discovered that a majority of parents aren’t!

In most cases, kids aren’t even seated in the right seats either! According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), parents and guardians need to get with the program and get up to date with the latest child car seat information.
The NHTSA recently launched a new public service announcement (PSA), “The Right Seat,” highlighting the importance of choosing the right car seat for your kid and making sure that it’s properly installed every time. In the PSAs, the NHTSA teamed up with the Ad Council to reach parents across the county and to help save the lives of young passengers, too.

Our Rock Hill injury attorneys understand that correctly used car seats have been able to save the lives of more than 8,950 kids under the age of 12 from 1975 to 2008. Even more lives could have been saved if more parents choose the right seats and were able to use them correctly. With this campaign, officials are hoping to help. Still, car accidents continue to be the leading cause of death for this young, vulnerable and helpless age group.

“Safety is our top priority for everyone on our roadways, and we’re calling on parents to do everything they can to protect our most vulnerable passengers,” said LaHood.

The new PSAs will be available online, on the radio, on TV and in outdoor advertising nationwide.

Through “The Right Seat,” officials aim to help ensure that all parents and all caregivers are properly securing passengers who are under the age of 12, whether it be in an adult seat belt, a booster seat, a forward-facing car seat or a rear-facing car seat. Officials just want adults to “make sure their child is in the right car seat.”

With the launch of these PSAs, the NHTSA also announced the launch of the new “Parents Central” website, which offers parents and guardians a quick and easy way to search through a ton of resources and tools to help ensure the safety of child passengers.

This knowledge may be one of the best ways to help protect our young ones. Parents, caregivers, daycare providers, babysitters and anyone else who may drive with a child are urged to check out these resources and help to save lives.

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