Carolina Accident Lawyers Celebrate National Distracted Driving Awareness Month 2012

April’s an exciting month, especially for safe driving advocates nationwide! It’s National Distracted Driving Awareness Month!

Every April, the National Safety Council takes the entire month to help raise awareness about the very real dangers associated with distracted driving and the risks for car accidents in Rock Hill and elsewhere.
During this entire month, the National Safety Council and our South Carolina injury attorneys are urging drivers to take the pledge to drive cell phone free.

Distracted driving is such a hot topic because every year thousands are killed in these kinds of completely preventable traffic accidents. As a matter of fact, there were roughly 3,000 people who were killed in distraction-related car accidents in the United States in 2010. Experts believe that one out of every four traffic accidents involves a cell phone-using driver. These are all accidents that didn’t have to happen, accidents that were completely preventable, lives that we didn’t have to lose.

The truth of the matter is that regardless of how long you’ve been behind the wheel, you’re just not skilled enough to juggle the two tasks, using a cell phone and safely driving. It’s true. The brain just isn’t equipped to do both safely. There have been a number of studies conducted on the topic. Most recent studies have concluded that using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle reduces the amount of brain activity that is associated with driving by more than 35 percent. Cell phone-using drivers aren’t able to react to roadway dangers as well as those who are focused.

“We hope people will take the pledge this April to help prevent needless tragedies and keep our roadways safer,” said Janet Froetscher of the National Safety Council.

Take The Pledge!

-Pledge to put away the cell phone and text messaging devices while driving.

-Speak up! If the driver of the vehicle you’re in is engaging in distractions, talk to them. Urge them to keep their eyes on the road, their hands on the wheel and their mind on the task of driving.

-Spread the message. Talk with friends and family members about the risks associated with distracted driving. Bring up the risks and fatal consequences that are associated with distracted driving. Urge everyone to take the pledge along with you.

Talking on a cell phone behind the wheel gives a driver the same reaction time as a driver who is legally drunk. Texting is even worse. When a driver texts as they drive their risks for an accident shoot up by more than 25 percent. The solution is simple. Curb distractions while driving. Continue on with the phone calls and the text messages once you’ve safely stopped the car. No text and no call is worth a life. Join us in celebrating National Distracted Driving Awareness Month!

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