Enforcement Effort to Cut Down on Car Accidents in Asheville and Elsewhere: Results Released

Local and state law enforcement officers were able to cite nearly 14,000 drivers for speeding during the “No Need 2 Speed” safety campaign that ran from the 2nd through the 8th of April, according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). During this time, more than 39,000 citations, both traffic and criminal, were issued across the state. Officers targeted speedy drivers to help to reduce the risks of car accidents in Asheville and elsewhere. All too often, speed is a top contributor in serious and fatal accidents.
“State and local law enforcement agencies made a tremendous effort to make our highways safer and to remind motorists to obey the speed limit during this campaign,” said Becky Wallace, the director of the Governor Highway Safety Association (GHSA).

Our Asheville car accident attorneys understand that drivers were busted for more than just speeding. There were also nearly 3,000 seat belt citations, more than 425 child passenger citations and more than 1,000 drug charges handed out. That’s not all, if you can believe it. There were also more than 50 stolen vehicles recovered and more than 800 fugitives apprehended. Officers weren’t going easy. If you were breaking the law, then you were getting busted.

In Buncombe County, there were:

-Seven checkpoints administered.

-Ten saturation patrols.

-Nearly 80 checkpoints and patrols.

-Nearly 20 DWI charges handed out.

-More than 5 seat belt violations.

-Two child passenger violations.

-Nearly 10 passe4nger restraint charges.

-More than 15 drug charges handed out.

-A dozen arrested fugitives.

-Nearly 20 additional criminal charges.

-Nearly 60 citations for speeding.

-Nearly 20 with DWLR.

-Nearly 5 busted uninsured motorists.

-Nearly 4 cited for reckless driving.

-Nearly 350 total traffic and criminal violations handed out.

In just 2011, there were more than 425 speed-related accident deaths on our state’s roadways. In these accidents, more than 410 motorists were not wearing their seat belts at the time of the accident. Many of these accident fatalities could have been prevented if more motorists were to just buckle up. It’s a simple and easy step that could save your life.

Preventing car accidents on our roadways is rather simple when you break it down. Motorists are asked to abide by roadway laws. These laws aren’t here to slow down traffic or to cause a headache behind the wheel. Each and every roadway law is there to help motorists to stay safe. By simply abiding by the speed limit, wearing a seat belt and driving defensively, we can all do our part to help to reduce the risks of accidents on our roadways. Safer driving habits mean fewer traffic accident fatalities. Don’t wait for a statewide campaign or a traffic ticket to get your driving skills into shape, do so today!

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