Car Accidents in Greensboro and Elsewhere Prevented by Safe Habits

When we first kicked off 2012, our North Carolina Car Accident Lawyers Blog sent out a request asking drivers throughout the state to make one of their New Year’s resolutions to practice safe and alert driving habits throughout the entire new year.

We’re only in April and it seems that some resolutions have drifted away. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is also looking into driving habits nationwide.
It’s odd. Most Americans say that they desire more roadway safety and they even support government action to get it. What makes no sense is that most drivers are not willing to change their own driving habits to get there. Although most drivers see running red lights, speeding, drinking and driving, driving while drowsy and tailgating as completely unacceptable driving habits, a majority of drivers are engaging in these habits themselves.

Our North Carolina car accident lawyers understand that driving can be frustrating. It seems like our roadways are getting busier and more crowded with each passing year. Driving shouldn’t be a challenge, it shouldn’t be a game. We’re asking all drivers to take a breather for a moment and to concentrate, once again, on safe driving habits. Our injury attorneys and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety are working toward the same goal — safer roadways and fewer accidents.

In 2010, there were just about 34,000 people who were killed in car accidents across the country. If you think about it that’s a roadway fatality every 16 minutes.

“Even one death on our roads in unacceptable.” said the President and CEO of AAA, Peter Kissinger.

There were nearly 1,000 people who were killed in traffic-related accidents across the state of North Carolina in 2010. In these accidents, nearly 100 pedestrians were killed, more than 10 bicyclists were killed and there were nearly 130 motorcycle accidents. We didn’t do much better the year before either, as we only saw 1 less roadway fatality. Clearly, much needs to be done in our state to help make our roadways safer for all travelers.

Safe Driving Tips from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT):

-Stay alert behind the wheel.

-Make sure you always buckle up.

-Never drink and drive.

-Make sure children are always properly buckled in child restraints.

-Always obey the posted speed limit.

-Never tailgate.

-Keep an eye out for road debris.

-Never engage in distractions behind the wheel.

-Avoid traveling during rush hour.

-Leave with plenty of time to spare to avoid rushing.

-Avoid areas with road work.

-Visit NCDOT’s Traveler Information Management System (TIMS) for real-time travel information.

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