Scary Roadway and Fatal North Carolina Car Accident Launches WCU Petitions to Officials

Students at Western Carolina University have just completed one of two petitions to get state transportation officials to make some improvements to the roadway conditions on a particular road near their campus. The petition came as a result of a recent and fatal North Carolina car accident in which a fellow classmate of theirs was killed and another was seriously injured, according to the Citizen Times. Their classmate died in the recent single-vehicle accident on Speedwell Road. The driver of the vehicle was seriously injured. Both students are in their early 20s.
Since the accident, students around campus have launched a petition drive on Twitter urging transportation officials to install a guardrail at a dangerous point on that roadway, at the same spot where the accident happened. Too many students know the danger all too well. So far, there have been about 600 student signatures received on the website. There is also another petition circulating the campus asking for the very same improvements from transportation officials.

Our North Carolina car accident attorneys understand that transportation officials have a responsibility to make sure that roadways are safe for motorists and other travelers. Dangers that could result in any type of accident are completely unacceptable. Road repairs should be made before someone has to experience a tragic accident and before someone is killed.

The students of WCU will soon be presenting their petitions and their requests to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). This isn’t the first time that the campus has urged officials to make safety improvements on that dangerous roadway.

There was a vigil held by students at the university at the fountain in the center of campus to remember their classmate, a junior who was majoring in psychology.

“We’re a tightknit family. It really hurts,” said student body president T.J. Eaves.

The fatal car accident happened as the vehicle that the young girl was riding in flew off of the road, over an embankment, slammed into a tree and flipped over. Officials are still investigating the crash. Weather, speed and other factors have not been released yet. The speed limit on that road is 30 miles per hour.

When the accident happened, there was a baseball game in session at the school’s field nearby. Game attendees heard the wreck and called 9-1-1.

Joel Setzer, the state’s DOT division engineer, said that officials are going to look into the accident to see what kind of improvements may be needed on that roadway, if any. This is a common response from transportation officials to fatal accident scenes. Students are just hoping that the investigation warrants some changes!

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