Defective RVs could Increase Injury Risks in North Carolina

In a single month, four models of recreational vehicles were recalled by the U.S. Department of Transportation, in an effort to reduce recreational vehicle accidents in North Carolina and elsewhere throughout the country.


Our North Carolina recreational vehicle accident attorneys know that for many people, RV’ing is simply a way of life. Recreational vehicles offer a unique way to see the country – and sometimes stay a while if you choose.

But these large vehicles have also proven treacherous. They can be difficult to control and maneuver and if they are involved in a North Carolina crash, the injuries are likely to be serious.

An eye-opening report out of Seattle was published by a television station in 2009. According to KIROTV in Washington, journalists spent 7 months combing through more than 5,000 RV crash reports. What they found may startle you.

First off, federal law mandates that crash and rollover tests have to be conducted for most vehicles – sport utility vehicles, semi-trucks, cars and charter buses.

But motor homes are generally exempt.

What’s more, Class A motor homes – which can be designated by a flat front, impressive length and open seats – tended to do very poorly in a number of crashes. In a number of crashes, the vehicles were said to have “disintegrated” in fiery crashes. In other cases, brakes were known to fail.

Essentially, it is up to the recreational vehicle industry to self-regulate safety. To that end, the recalls that were announced in January have each been voluntary.

Those include:

-Certain Elkhart vehicles made between 2006 and 2010. The company says that certain ECI and ECII models have fuses that may loosen and cause high arcing or resistance. If enough arcing happens, the fuse holder could melt and start to smoke or even catch fire. The company said it will send notification to owners, and send a free kit to fix the problem. Owners can contact the company at 1-800-348-7440.

-Thor is recalling 2012 Dutchman Voltage and Rubicon Trailers that were made between July and December of last year. The wheels of the vehicles may not be fully seated on the hubs and could loosen and even detach from the trailer. Wheel separation could result in a driver losing control and ultimately, a crash. If a wheel comes detached, it could also lead to a possible injury for other vehicles or pedestrians. The company intends to notify owners and dealers will inspect and repair the trailers for free. Owners can contact Thor at 1-937-596-6849.

-Navistar has recalled certain years of its International 3200IM vehicle, made between 2004 and 2010. The company says that when the kneeling feature is activated, the rear brake line could become pinched and cause the brakes to drag. This could ultimately lead to a fire that could result in injury or even a fatality. The company plans to notify the owners and will fix the problem for free. Owners can contact Navistar at 1-800-448-7825.

-DRV Suites (which was previously known as Doubltree RV) is recalling certain models of its Select Mobile and Elite Suite RV’s that were made between 2007 and 2010. Apparently, paint on the wheel and hub face can cause the wheel to dislodge, which could ultimately result in a crash. Owners can contact the company at 1-574-457-6472.

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