Car Accidents in North Carolina: Numbers Reduced by Ignition Interlocks

We oftentimes talk about those little electronic devices in motor vehicles that help to stop drunk driving and curb drunk driving car accidents in North Carolina, we’re talking about those ignition interlock devices. Nowadays, it only seems logical to install ignition interlocks in the vehicles of those who have been convicted. Unfortunately, they’re only handed to some drunk driving offenders. But where do they come from and who made them?
Well, a Morrisville man makes the devices that are used by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles and he had to fight to keep it that way. According to The Republic, courts decided to throw out the Monitech Inc. lawsuit, which claimed that the Commissioner of the DMV, Mike Robertson, broke state bidding rules by withholding the renewal of its state contract. Under the settlement, the company will submit its device for state certification by the 16th of April.

Our North Carolina car accident lawyers understand how important these devices are, regardless of who makes them, they’re important as long as they work. States that have strict drunk driving conviction penalties and use these ignition interlock devices typically see significant decreases in the number of drunk driving accidents. Keeping tough laws and tougher penalties on the books truly helps to keep everyone safe and hopefully helps to teach bad drivers a lesson.

The Morrisville man’s company has been the only provider of these ignition interlock devices to the state since 1989. These devices test the breath of those who have been sentenced to utilize the devices after a drunk driving conviction. If the device senses alcohol in the driver’s system, then it can stop the car from being used. Typically, those who have been convicted of DWIs but still have driving privileges, are given these devices.

One of the company’s competitors, Smart Start Inc. out of Texas, has already been certified to start selling its ignition interlocks starting in April.

The state of North Carolina has some of the highest rates of DWIs and related fatalities in the entire country. In 2008, there were more than 27,000 people who were arrested for DWI offenses in the state. There were also more than 500 people killed in drunk driving crashes during the same year. As a matter of fact, someone is killed in these kinds of accidents every 40 minutes, accounting for nearly 13,000 people who were killed in alcohol-related accidents in 2007.

Ignition interlocks need to be used by all offenders and our risks for these types of accidents will continue to decline.

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