Troopers Searching for Drunk Drivers in South Carolina on Super Bowl Sunday

State Troopers in South Carolina will be on the lookout for alcohol-impaired drivers on Super Bowl Sunday. Historically, the first Sunday of every February has been one of the most dangerous times to be on our roadways. The number of car accidents in Spartanburg and elsewhere skyrocket during the unofficial U.S. holiday. Experts predict that nearly 350 million gallons of beer will be consumed by residents on Sunday alone. This is enough alcohol to fill about 50 Olympic-sized pools. With all the alcohol consumption comes dangerous roadways – but not if law enforcement officials can help it. This year’s Super Bowl safe driving campaign is called “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk.” This safety campaign urges fans of all teams to look after one another to make our roadways safer.
“The chances of encountering a DUI driver go up significantly,” said trooper Billy Elder. “South Carolina has a terrible problem with that.”

Our Spartanburg drunk driving accident lawyers understand there are roughly 130 million people expected to gather in front of television on Sunday to watch the big game between the Giants and the Patriots. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 200,000 people have pledged to be designated drivers this season.

This is great news – but unless every designated driver is going to drive 650 people home, we don’t have enough. We’re hoping the rest of the Super Bowl fans who are drinking will be using taxis and public transportation to get home. We’re also hoping that many fans will be staying at the homes of friends and family members or getting a hotel room. Whatever your plans are, we’re hoping you won’t get behind the wheel after drinking.

If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party for your friends and family members this year, we have a few safety tips to offer you to help make sure that no one is going to drive after drinking.

If You’re Throwing a Super Bowl Party on Sunday:

-Make sure when you invite your guests to the party that everyone is also informed to bring a designated driver.

-Make sure to have beverages (without alcohol) available for the designated drivers.

-Offer plenty of food to help those who are drinking.

-Keep an eye on alcohol consumption. Know when to cut someone off.

-Serve the booze in moderation.

-Stop serving any alcohol before the party ends. A good time to do this is an hour before the party is over.

-Make room for guests. There’s a chance someone will be left without a designated driver. Make an area for guests who don’t have a safe way home to crash at your place.

Super Bowl Sunday may be a joyous time for many American’s, but it’s a deadly time for many others. Let’s all team up together to help to reduce the risks of fatal car accidents this weekend. Party responsibly!

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