Union County Car Accident Kills 1 Teen, Injures 4

One young driver was killed and four young passengers were seriously injured in a recent car accident in Union County. According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, the teen’s pickup truck rolled a number of times while traveling along Monroe-Weddington Road in the evening hours. Troopers report that one teenager died at the scene of the accident after he was ejected from the vehicle and crushed. The truck was upside down when it finally came to rest.
All five of the vehicle’s occupants were from Weddington High School, according to WSOCTV. The driver and two of the passengers were not wearing seat belts when the accident happened. Troopers are still investigating the cause of the accident.

Teenagers are some of the most vulnerable drivers on our roadways. Their inexperience behind the wheel greatly increases their risks for a serious accident. Our North Carolina car accidents attorneys are the parents of driving teens and we understand the stress this can cause. Luckily, there are ways to help shape these young motorists into safe and cautious drivers. Teaching them safe driving habits early on will help to equip them with a lifetime of safe habits.

According to the North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, car accidents are the number one cause of death among teens in the state. It’s estimated that a teen in North Carolina is involved in a traffic accident every 23.6 minutes.

Even after months of supervised driving practice, teens who receive their unrestricted driver’s license face a high risk of serious traffic accidents. These risks can be the result of poor judgment, inexperience, dangerous driving conditions or other factors that a more seasoned driver would be better-equipped to handle.

Although parents may no longer be required to ride along with these teens, there are still things they can do to help protect their teen. Consider enacting a parent-teen driving contract. This single document can help to make sure that your teen driver understands the dangers of the road, ways to avoid these dangers and the consequences of unsafe driving habits.

Safe Driving Tips for Teenagers:

-Insist that they always wear a seat belt, regardless of how short the trip may be.

-Reiterate the importance of sober driving.

-Make sure they understand the importance of abiding by posted speed limits.

-Curb all distractions, including phones, text messaging devices, eating, drinking and talking with passengers.

-Be careful at intersections. Never assume other vehicles are going to stop.

-Be on the lookout for deer and other animals.

-Never get behind the wheel if you’re feeling sleepy, especially when taking a long trip.

-Use your head. Don’t rely on your car’s mirrors. Always turn to check blind spots before making maneuvers in traffic.

-Always use your turn signals.

-Never tailgate.

-Drive defensively and be courteous.

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