Greenville Car Accidents Reduced by AARP Safe Driving Course

It’s something most people joke about, but the truth of the matter is that it’s a serious concern — elderly drivers. With age come serious risks for car accidents in Greenville and elsewhere. Thankfully, AARP is here to offer drivers with a Driver Safety Course. The course not only helps to raise driver’s awareness behind the wheel, but it can help them to land a discount on their auto insurance policy.
The AARP Driver Safety Course is offered in 35 states. South Carolina is one of those states. Although the targeted audience of this course is elderly drivers, drivers of all ages are invited to join. Our South Carolina car accident attorneys invite you to sign up and attend one of the three AARP Driver Safety Courses in Greenville. There are other courses available throughout South Carolina, too.

You may be asking yourself — Why do I need to take a driver safety course? I know how to drive! Well, the truth of the matter is that cars are changing as well as the roads we frequently travel, driving conditions and traffic rules. Although elderly drivers may be some of our most experienced drivers, it’s still important to brush up on driving skills periodically to help ensure roadway safety.

Enrolling in one of these classes can help you to learn about new road rules, more advanced driving techniques and how to operate the new-age technologies of newer vehicles. Elderly drivers will also be taught how to deal with age-related changes in reaction abilities, hearing and vision problems.

What else can I learn from a driving course?

-How to minimize the dangers that accompany blind spots.

-How to maintain a proper following distance from other vehicles.

-How to safely change lanes.

-How to correctly use a seat belt, anti-lock brakes, air bags and other new-car technologies.

-How to effectively keep an eye on your driving skills and capabilities as you age.

-To learn about the effects that your medications can have on your ability to drive safely.

-The effects that distractions can have on your driving. Distractions including smoking, eating, and talking on your phone or to passengers.

-How to recognize deteriorating driving abilities in your loved ones and effective ways to approach this subject with them.

Once you finish the safe driving course, experts say that you will form a better appreciation for the challenges of driving and you’ll learn the most effective ways to prevent traffic accidents.

The safe driving course is available in a classroom setting or online. All classes cost less than $20 and can save you money on your insurance policy, not to mention help to save your life on our roadways.

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