Motorcyclist Killed by Drunk Driver in Chesnee — Driver Sentenced to 15 Years

Back in August, a drunk driving car accident in Chesnee on Highway 221 took the life of an innocent, 51-year-old man. The drunk driver charged with the crime, a 22-year-old from Forest City, was recently sentenced to 15 years behind bars. According to News Channel 7, the man admitted to striking the man while he was under the influence of both drugs and alcohol. The guilty driver was charged with driving under the influence resulting in death. He is now required to serve at least 12 years of that sentence before he is eligible for release.
The August accident happened as the victim was riding a motorcycle along Highway 221 with his turn signal activated. He was getting ready to turn into a parking lot. When he went to make the turn, the intoxicated driver rammed his pickup truck into the back of the motorcycle. The accident caused the motorcycle to get jammed into the bumper and the grill of the pickup. It was pushed for about 300 feet. The motorcyclist died at the scene of the accident.

Our South Carolina drunk driving car accident lawyers understand that the driver involved in the accident admitted to officers that he had taken a couple of shots of vodka, along with a couple of beers and had smoked some marijuana before the accident happened. He said he took the drugs at a party he attended earlier in the night. The young driver’s blood test revealed a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.05.

“Mr. Robinson’s irresponsible actions involve huge consequences,” said Solicitor Barry Barnette.

This was not the intoxicated driver’s first drug conviction either. Officials say he has a previous criminal record.

Meanwhile, the motorcyclist’s autopsy returned no evidence of alcohol or drugs in his system at the time of the accident.

In 2008, there were nearly 400 fatal car accidents in South Carolina involving a driver who was legally drunk, with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08. In these accidents, 405 people were killed. The statistics don’t end there. During the same year, there were another 60 people killed in traffic accidents involving a driver who was legally under the limit, but still under the influence of alcohol, meaning they had a BAC of 0.01 to 0.07.

Those who drink and drive in South Carolina are likely to really drink! Nearly 75 percent of the fatal drunk driving accidents that occurred in 2009 happened with a driver who had a BAC of .15 or higher. A majority of drunk drivers who were involved in fatal accidents during this year were in fact repeat offenders.

Motorists and other travelers are urged to be cautious while traveling along our roadways. Drunk driver take the lives of thousands of innocent people every year. Remain aware and cautious while traveling our roadways to help to reduce your risks of a fatal run in with one of these irresponsible drivers.

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