Trucking Accident in North Carolina Leaves Trucking Dangling from Overpass

A recent tractor-trailer accident in Rowan on Interstate 85 unfortunately ended fatally. According to NewsChannel 36, two lanes of the Interstate were closed off after the wreck. Allegedly, a UPS driver smashed into a double trailer near exit 79 of 85. Once the two vehicles collided, the UPS truck flipped over an overpass and fell onto McCanless Road. One of the tractor-trailers was left dangling over the edge of that overpass. Authorities report that one of the drivers was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle as it flew over the overpass.
“This was not our standard accident. We don’t like to see anything like this,” said Deborah Horne with the Rowan County Fire Marshal’s Office.

Our North Carolina trucking accident attorneys understand car accidents are common on the Interstate, but they’re oftentimes catastrophic when tractor-trailers are involved. These larger vehicles carry so much weight and size and have the potential to do some real damage when involved in a wreck. Although this accident didn’t involve any passenger vehicles, the threat is still very real. When smaller vehicles, like the ones you and I drive, are involved in a traffic accident with a tractor-trailer the results can be deadly.

Officials with UPS Freight say that there looking into the accident, but believe that a front-tire blowout may be the cause of the accident. According to a spokesperson with UPS, the truck driver involved in the accident was a veteran driver and had a clean driving record.

Officials report that neither of the vehicles was carrying any hazardous materials. One truck was allegedly carry cigarettes, which were looted by motorists passing by after they were dumped along the roadway in the accident.

Officials with the Department of Transportation closed two lanes of the Interstate while the mess was being clean up.

There are a few simple safety tips that drivers can follow to help to reduce their risks of being involved in a car accident with a tractor trailer. When traveling along the Interstate, tractor-trailers are common and motorists need to be prepared.

Interstate Safety Tips:

-Pay attention. Keep an eye out for tractor-trailers. They operate much differently than our passenger vehicles. Steer clear of them and allow them with plenty of room.

-Remember blind spots. Whenever driving near tractor-trailers, make sure that you can see the eyes of the driver. If you can’t see them then they can’t see you.

-Never tailgate a large truck.

-Put down the distractions. Driving on the interstate requires 100 percent of your attention.

-Never cut off a large truck. They take a greater distance to stop than our vehicles do.

-If you need to stop on the highway, be sure to pull completely off the road.

-Avoid road rage when driving near trucks. Their vehicles will almost always overpower you.

-Always expect the unexpected.

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