Speed: A Top Factor in North Carolina Car Accidents

According to state highway patrol officers, speed may have been a top factor in a recent car accident in North Carolina. Reports indicate that the traffic accident happened in Union County at the intersection of Antioch Church and Weddington Oaks Road shortly before 6 p.m.
According to WCNC, a pickup truck was heading south on Antioch Church Road when the teenage driver lost control near a curb. The pickup drove off the roadway and landed into a ditch. Four of the vehicle’s passengers, all teenagers, were thrown from the truck. Authorities report that at least one passenger was buckled in at the time of the accident. There were five Weddington High School students in the vehicle when the accident happened. One, who was not wearing a seat belt, died at the scene. The other four teens were treated for injuries. The young driver of the vehicle faces a misdemeanor charge of death by motor vehicle.

Our Charlotte car accident attorneys understand that teenage drivers face serious risks for accidents on our roadways. When you add speed in as a factor, the risk increases. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were more than 1,300 traffic accident fatalities in North Carolina in 2009. More than 515 were speed-related, and a majority happened on non-interstate roads. Most of these accidents — 270 — happened as drivers were traveling at 55 miles per hour. The second most common speed for speed-related car accidents was 45 miles per hour.

The faster a vehicle is traveling at the time of impact in a motor-vehicle accident, the higher the risks are for serious injury and death. Speed limits are posted for a reason. They are the safest and most efficient recommended speed for the corresponding area. Speed limits are posted for idea conditions and drivers should slow down when weather and road conditions are less-than-ideal.

Speeding is one of the top contributors to accidents across the nation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that speeding is a factor in more than 30 percent of all fatal traffic accidents.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation cites speeding as the most common driving violation that leads to deadly car accidents. In the state, there are about 220,000 reported car accidents each year. In these accidents, about 120,000 are injured and roughly 1,500 are killed. Many of these accidents, including the ones that involve speed, are completely preventable.

Speeding reduces a driver’s ability to react to potential driving and roadway hazards. To help to avoid speeding, drivers are urged to leave for their destination with plenty of time to spare. Parents are urged to discuss the dangers, risks and consequences of speeding with the teen drivers in their lives. Teenage drivers are likely to exceed posted speed limits.

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