Officials Write 137,000 Citations Over Holidays to Help Reduce Risks of Car Accidents in North Carolina

The results are in! According to Transportation Secretary Gene Conti, local and state law enforcement officers busted nearly 4,000 motorists for driving under the influence during the “Booze It & Lose It” enforcement campaign. This road safety campaign ran from the 3rd of December through the 2nd of January. In addition to the alcohol-related arrests, nearly 137,000 criminal and traffic citations were issued across the state, according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation. These enforcement efforts were executed during this time to help reduce the risks of car accidents in North Carolina.
“These numbers show our dedication to making our roads safer by removing drivers under the influence from our roadways,” said Conti.

Our Asheville car accident lawyers understand that the holidays serve as a dangerous time on our roadways every year, but what’s more important to point out is that these types of accidents happen every day. As we start a new year, drivers are asked to focus on safe driving habits to make 2012 safer than ever. Law enforcement officers aren’t backing down and will continue to hunt down dangerous drivers throughout the year. Remember to ensure that everyone in your vehicle is properly buckled in, that you abide by all posted speed limit signs and that you never drive drunk. Thousands of car accidents in North Carolina can be prevented every year with a little bit of driver responsibility.

Throughout the Governor’s Highway Safety Program, officers throughout the state conducted more than 10,640 dedicated patrol and sobriety checkpoints. These enforcement efforts help to deter drunk drivers every year. With high-visibility enforcement efforts, officers hope to bring down the number of drunk driving accidents throughout the state.

Counties with the most DWI Busts:

-Wake: More than 400 citations.

-Mecklenburg: More than 290 citations.

-Guilford: Nearly 145 busts.

In addition to the DWI citations, officers issued nearly 7,050 seat belt citations, nearly 1,425 child passenger safety violations, nearly 40,000 speeding violations and nearly 4,000 drug charges. There were nearly 2,250 fugitives apprehended and nearly 250 stolen vehicles were recovered. Officers believe that these enforcement efforts and these busts were able to save lives throughout the month-long campaign.

While the dangerous holiday travel season may be over, we’ve started a near year and we’ll be facing a whole new list of dangers. Drivers are asked to be cautious and courteous on our roadways throughout 2012. Remember to buckle in all vehicle occupants before taking off, to obey posted speed limit signs and to always driver soberly. These are a few tips that can help to significantly reduce the number of traffic accident-related fatalities that we see in the New Year.

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