North Carolina Teen Drivers Urged to Drive Safely During the Holidays to Avoid a Car Accident in Gastonia, Elsewhere

It is no secret that teen drivers are often the most at risk of being involved in a car accident in Gastonia, Charlotte or elsewhere. Teen car accidents can be particularly tragic around the holidays.
Winston-Salem car accident attorneys cringe when they see a report of an accident involving a teen driver with little ones in the car. Not only can young drivers lose their focus and become distracted, but sometimes they are not mature enough to know how to tend to a child’s needs or behaviors.

The Salisbury Post recently reported of a fatal teen car crash that killed a teen passenger riding in the front seat. Three children under 6-years-old riding in the back managed to survive. There were no witnesses to the accident, but the 17-year-old female driver is presumed to have veered off the right side of the road after coming around a bend. She ended up overturning the Chevy Blazer straight into a utility pole.

The teen passenger riding in the front seat was thrown approximately 100 feet and died despite three people working together to administer CPR until help arrived. The three children along with the teen driver were tended to by area residents until emergency responders arrived at the scene. They were taken to Carolinas Medical Center-Northeast but their injuries were not considered life-threatening. The accident is under investigation, but local residents said they heard music blaring from the SUV after the accident. Additionally, speed has been a common factor in several previous accidents in the same vicinity.

Nowadays, parents have so many concerns when it comes to keeping teen drivers safe on roadways. Cell phones and other youth passengers riding in the vehicle are common causes of distraction related to an accident. Young drivers tend to speed because they don’t think anything will come of this unsafe behavior. Teens seem to have easy access to alcohol, which can put them at considerable risk of a fatal accident if they choose to drive under the influence. reports that a third of American teens drink alcohol and almost 20 percent of teens binge drink. Teens are able to walk into a convenience store, purchase a potent malt liquor and not be be asked for age identification. Law enforcement officials expect that as holiday parties begin to increase in the next few weeks, so will underage drinking and the number of teen driver arrests. The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is dangerous for all drivers because alcohol intake increases due to celebrations or more time off from work or school.

If you have a young and inexperienced driver in your family, parents or guardians are encouraged to talk to them about safe driving during the holidays. Reiterate the importance of driving distraction-free. Make a point to discuss the dangers of driving under the influence and the consequences they can face if they are caught for underage drinking or become involved in an accident.

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