North Carolina Child Survivor Story a Reminder for Motorists to Consider Travel Safety Kit

A recent survival story involving a 9-year-old girl that did what it took to stay alive following a North Carolina car accident that killed her father is both tragic and heartwarming all at the same time. Independent Online News reports the young girl survived the crash alone for nearly two days by eating cold Pop-Tarts, snacks and drinking Gatorade while lying next to her father who was killed in the crash.
Statesville car accident lawyers know how difficult it is for an adult to survive an accident for nearly two days let alone a young child who didn’t have the guidance of an adult to assist her through this difficult time.

The father and daughter duo were on their way home in Cove City when the father lost control of the car and the vehicle ended up overturned in a ditch 16 feet below the driving surface. The child’s father was found dead in the driver’s seat. The 9-year-old survived below-freezing temperatures while wearing a coat, rationing food and keeping hydrated for 43 hours following the accident. The child attempted to dig herself out of the vehicle but was unsuccessful as she was upside down in the vehicle.

USA Today reports that ironically the child’s mother was searching for her daughter and was also involved in an accident within 100 feet of where her daughter was trapped. Rescuers did not locate the vehicle involved in the first accident while attending to the accident involving the child’s mother despite screams being made by the young child trapped inside the vehicle. It wasn’t until almost 24 hours later that a person walking discovered the overturned vehicle lying in the ravine. The person called 911 and rescuers were able to help the child to safety.

Stories like these are reminders that with a little planning car accident victims can survive the aftermath of a potentially dangerous car crash. Winter weather can often make driving conditions more dangerous so there is no time like the present to place a car safety kit in your vehicle. Many retailers offer a pre-made safety kit but putting together your own is simple and may be more cost-efficient. The safety kit should contain the following items:

-Thermal blanket or heavy sleeping bag.

-Large flashlight with extra batteries.

-A knife or sharp cutting blade.

-Plastic cover with tissues or paper towels for sanitary purposes.

-Kitty litter or sand to help with traction and a shovel.

-Several bottles of water and dry or perishable foods and snacks.

-First-aid kit which contains bandages, gauze, wraps, rubbing alcohol, ointments, aspirin among other treatment remedies.

-Extra clothing like sweaters, sweatpants, heavy jackets or thermal underwear.

Once you have the kit put together, place as many items as you can in a backpack or travel bag. Put the emergency items in the bag and place in the back seat of your vehicle. Items that don’t fit in the bag can be put in the back seat or trunk for storage.

Increase your chances of survival by preparing for the worst and having an emergency survival kit handy in the back seat of your vehicle at all times.

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