Nationwide Cell Phone Ban Could Reduce Distracted Driving Accidents in Greensboro, Statewide

According to a recent article posted on, drivers throughout the country may be facing a nationwide ban on cell phone use while operating a vehicle following a recommendation made by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) at a recent board meeting.

NTSB investigators spent countless hours determining that the 40 people affected by a multi-vehicle crash in 2010 could have been unharmed if a cell phone did not cause the driver to become distracted before the horrendous accident. The NTSB has slowly but successfully worked towards eliminating electronic devices through recommendations to implement state laws in order to reduce car accidents caused by distraction in Greensboro and throughout the country.

To date, the board has recommended a ban on cell phone use for school bus drivers, novice drivers, and commercial truck drivers, which has led to several states passing laws targeting one or all of these groups.
According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, there are a patchwork of laws directed towards eliminating the use of electronic devices which vary from state to state. Some states ban cell phone use completely while others allow talking but not texting. Some states categorize bans on cell phone use by age or occupation while others lay no groundwork for laws banning the unsafe behavior at all.

Car accident attorneys in Asheville, Winston-Salem, Charlotte or elsewhere understand that keeping up with current events has become vital in knowing what law pertains to which driver in each state. It has even become more difficult for law enforcement officials to enforce texting or talking bans in each state because it is nearly impossible to determine whether a driver is texting or dialing a phone number while they drive.

One thing is certain. Accidents caused by distractions are much more frequent today than they were 10 years ago and it isn’t a stretch to link electronic devices to the cause of these distractions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that at minimum, almost 3,100 deaths occurred in 2010 that were related to distractions or cell phone use. Additionally, recent driver behavior studies have shown that 1 in every 100 drivers are emailing, texting or surfing the web at any given moment while operating a vehicle. reports that it is time for North Carolina lawmakers to see the big picture about the dangers of cell phone use and follow the recommendation to ban all electronic devices used by all automobile operators. Following a car accident, investigators are now asking for a driver’s texting and cell phone records because they are finding that many accidents are being caused by this form of distraction. Drivers are continuing to multi-task behind the wheel because they don’t get how unsafe the behavior is. It is up to the local, state and federal government to inflict consequences so severe that it will curb the unsafe behavior completely and save lives daily.

The National Safety Council’s president and CEO recently commended the NTSB for recommending all cell phones be banned behind the wheel unless it is an absolute emergency. She states the national call for action must be addressed by legislators, employers and all drivers if we want to stop this public health threat from occurring daily on our nation’s roadways.

North Carolina motorists need to consider for a moment that talking or using a cell phone while you drive is not a necessity but rather a convenience. No phone call or text message should take precedent over causing a crash or taking the life of another so put the phone down to avoid a distracted driving accident this holiday season and beyond.

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