Teens Driving on Wet Roads at Night are at High Risk for Car Accidents in North Carolina, South Carolina

A fatal teen car accident in Greenville is a reminder that teenagers should have plenty of supervised driving experience before they take on slick rural roadways at night with another teen in the vehicle. As these conditions can be difficult for most drivers, we urge you to do whatever you can to ensure your teen is as prepared as possible to handle these types of situations.
WYFF-4 reports two teens were seriously injured in an SUV accident after colliding into a house. Five days later, the young passenger in the vehicle was pronounced dead at the hospital. The tragedy could have been magnified considering the crash occurred near a college campus community where students often roam at late-night hours.

Authorities investigating the accident say wet roads could have been a factor. Our North Carolina car accident lawyers know that it was probably a combination of factors, which may have included dark and winding roads, driver distraction, or traveling too fast on an unfamiliar road at night.

The recent accident is the second in less than a month at this particular dangerous location. The house, owned by North Greenville University, was vacant but officials say they are looking for some sort of safety measures to help prevent collisions at the sharp curve where motorists are losing control of their vehicle as they make the turn.

Adding a guard rail as a minimum could help keep the campus community safer. Other safety measures that could be issued by the South Carolina Department of Transportation are a traffic light, crosswalk or warning sign.

Another school-related accident turned tragic when a teenager was walking to his school bus stop and was hit by a 20-year-old driver in a Jeep. WSOC-TV reports the teen pedestrian was hit before daylight while walking alongside the road. The victim’s mother had recently made a request with the school district to move the bus stop closer to their residence as the boy walked nearly a quarter of a mile to catch the bus each day. School officials denied the request after inspecting the location and determining there were no visual impairments near the pick up location and their home could be clearly seen from the bus stop. Safety didn’t appear to be an issue.

Motorists are reminded of the following tips when driving in school zones or campus communities:

-Use caution throughout the day, not just in morning and afternoon commutes.

-During inclement weather, try to avoid highly populated pedestrian traffic areas. Wet roads make it difficult to stop or see.

-If you find yourself driving on unfamiliar rural roadways at night, reduce your speed and look for warning signs to alert you of dangerous curves or bends in the road.

Accidents like these reinforce the importance of driver knowledge and experience. We encourage parents to continue to talk to their kids about safe driving, and take an occasional ride with them to make sure they are practicing safe behaviors behind the wheel.

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