Greensboro Drunk-Driving Accidents Prevalent During Holiday Weekends

In a recent statement, Transportation Secretary Gene Conti announced that more than 750 motorists were cited in North Carolina for driving under the influence during the Halloween weekend. The “Booze It & Lose It” Campaign ran for four days beginning October 28 in an effort to help reduce drunk-driving accidents in Greensboro and statewide. The campaign is meant to create awareness that motorists would be removed from the roadway if they were stopped and found to be driving while intoxicated.
Asheville car accident attorneys know that drunk drivers often cause anguish to thousands of people across the country every year when someone in their lives dies because of a car accident. In making one bad choice, it affects the lives of so many for a lifetime.

Recent statistics have indicated that drunk-driving accidents seem to be a higher risk on holiday weekends. That’s probably because people choose to drink, often to an extreme, when they celebrate during the holidays.

Removing drunk drivers from roadways is a priority of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program as well as law enforcement officials statewide. During Halloween weekend, there were 1,664 sobriety checkpoints set up throughout the state. Mecklenburg County issued the most DWI citations at 58, followed by Wake and Robeson Counties (each with 51) and Guilford County reported 46 citations. In addition to DWI citations, there were more than 660 drug charges issued. Motorists were cited 1,131 times for failing to wear a seat belt and 5,757 times for speeding tickets. There were also more than 200 violations of the child passenger safety seat law.

The “Booze It & Lose It” Campaign that ran from August 19 to September 5 for Labor Day drunk-driving awareness totaled almost 2,960 citations for driving under the influence. Again, Mecklenburg County reported the most DWI stops at 217, followed by Wake (203), New Hanover (133) and Guilford (113) counties.

For motorists who use common sense, it almost makes you want to stay at home where you can’t be at risk of being hit by a drunk driver. Unfortunately, that isn’t feasible nor desirable for most. It is quite simple to make the choice to drink responsibly or not get behind the wheel if you have had too much alcohol.

As we head into the holiday travel season we want to urge motorists to do your part. Don’t drink and drive and use caution every time you get behind the wheel to avoid an accident with another motorist under the influence. If you suspect a driver is under the influence, safely pull off the road and report them to the authorities. Saving a life is the ultimate gift this holiday season and throughout the rest of the year.

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