First-Year Driving Critical for Teens Involved in Statesville Car Accidents

A recent study by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety indicated that the most critical time for a teen driver is the time right after they begin driving unsupervised in a vehicle. As part of National Teen Drivers Safety Week, which runs through today, our Statesville car accident lawyers want to remind parents to stay involved with your teen’s driving, especially the first few months after obtaining a license.
WFIR reports that a AAA Foundation study revealed the odds are pretty good that a teen will get in an accident during the first month of him or her getting a driver’s license. North Carolina teens are most at risk of a car accident in Asheville, Greensboro or elsewhere in the state when they make three common errors while driving: inattention, failure to slow down and failure to yield. These errors account for 57 percent of all accidents involving a teen within the first month of passing the driver’s test. Certain types of crashes were found to minimize as driving experience was gained.

Forbes reports of a second study released by AAA Foundation recently that examined novice drivers of 38 North Carolina families. A camera was installed in the vehicle driven by the teen from the time that supervised driving was mandatory clear through six months after obtaining a full license. After examining almost 6,000 video clips, researchers determined young drivers’ behaviors were a lot more lax while driving alone than when driving with adult supervision. Close calls often occurred from judgment errors due to inexperience and failure to detect changes in the traffic environment.

Parental involvement in teenagers learning to drive is vital to keeping them safe. Many schools have stopped offering driver education classes for due to budgetary constraints. That makes it even more important for parents to find an organization or school that will give them the experience and knowledge necessary to make good decisions while driving, especially during the first year of unsupervised driving. offers these tips to parents when picking a driving school for teens:

-Make sure the school is accredited.

-Pick a class that has a 10-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio for optimal training. There should be no more than 24 students in the class.

-Class should entail on-road driving experience with the instructor.

-Check to see if the school is affiliated with any professional associations like Driving School Association of America, American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association.

Driving schools that emphasize parental involvement hope that a parent will spend extra time with their teen to help him or her develop skills that will keep them safe while operating a vehicle. Knowledge is one thing, but gaining experience helps in learning how to avoid dangerous situations all together. Spending time riding with your teen, even after they obtain their license could help them beat the odds of being involved in an accident that so many teens face early on in their solo driving career.

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