Autumn Distractions Cause Risk for Car Accidents in Statesville, Statewide

If you are a motorist who enjoys looking at beautifully colored leaves this time of year, you may want to think twice before you take your next autumn excursion. Enjoying the scenery by looking at trees during the fall is a form of distraction that can cause a serious car accident in Statesville, Hickory or elsewhere in the state.
red_maple_leaf.jpg reported three separate accidents over the weekend that authorities say were caused by leaf-lookers.

The first multiple-car crash happened Saturday afternoon near Flintlock Campground on NC Highway 105 when an idle vehicle was waiting for traffic to clear to make a turn and was rammed from behind. A third vehicle failed to stop and collided into a second vehicle. A few hours later, an identical type of crash involving three vehicles occurred near Mountain Lumber on NC 105. A domino effect caused all three vehicles to be involved in rear-end collisions. No one was seriously injured in either crash. A third crash involving two vehicles occurred Sunday afternoon, also on NC 105.

Gastonia car accident lawyers know that fall colors and the beauty that nature has to offer this time of year can be relaxing, but don’t get so caught up in the distraction that you forget to focus on driving. Distracted driving accidents can be deadly and occur far too frequently on North Carolina roadways.

Another fall hazard that motorists should be on the lookout for that we posted about recently on our North Carolina Car Accident Lawyers Blog is the increased chances of hitting a deer in your path.

Two teens were recently killed in an accident caused by a young driver trying to avoid contact with a deer. MSNBC reports the driver tried to swerve to miss a deer and lost control of the vehicle. The Jeep the boys were riding in overturned, causing the driver and passenger to be thrown from the vehicle. No charges have been filed as of yet, but the case has been turned over to the Stanly County District Attorney’s Office.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Association offers these tips to eliminate distractions likely to cause serious injury or death in a crash:

-Put your phone on silence before you start the engine.

-Alert callers that you are driving by adding a message to your phone that indicates you will return their call later.

-Only answer or initiate a call after pulling over into a parking spot.

-If a passenger is riding with you, have him or her respond to a text message for you.

-Pledge to “X the Text.” Never text or surf the internet while you are operating a vehicle, even if you are sitting at a stop sign or in traffic that isn’t moving.

-Restrain your pets in the back seat so they don’t become a distraction in your lap.

-If child passengers need attention, stop the vehicle in a safe location rather than turning around to address the situation while you are driving.

-Focusing on driving, rather than eating, reading, smoking or talking is the best way to keep you and other motorists safe.

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