Respondents of Nationwide Survey Rate Peers as Poor Drivers Who Cause Car Accidents in Charlotte, Elsewhere

Most Americans admit to practicing bad driving habits, which can lead to a high rate of car accidents in Charlotte or throughout North Carolina. However, most drivers self-rate themselves as much better drivers than their family members or friends.

Our Greensboro car accident lawyers find the results of a recent survey of driver attitudes quite interesting considering the number of victims who are killed or seriously injured in preventable car accidents every day. Drunk driving, distracted driving and speeding all remain to be leading causes of death on American roadways but the bad behavior continues even when drivers admittedly know they shouldn’t be doing these things while operating a vehicle.
A recent survey by Allstate was conducted over the phone to 1,000 adults residing in the United States over a four-day period in July. Respondents were asked several questions about their driving behavior compared to others. A total of 848 licensed drivers responded with the following results:

  • Almost 65 percent of drivers rate themselves as excellent or good drivers.
  • Self-rating was much higher compared to what drivers felt about their friends (29 percent considered good or excellent drivers) or peers (22 percent).
  • Out-of-staters were considered poor drivers and given a poor or average rating 53 percent of the time compared to 8 percent who thought visitors from other states were excellent or very good drivers.
  • 36 percent of male respondents rated themselves as excellent drivers compared to 26 percent of female drivers.
  • 70 percent of drivers gave elderly drivers a low rating.
  • Roughly 8 out of 10 respondents rated teen drivers as poor or average drivers.

Drivers with young children were given lower ratings by drivers without small children, indicating that 33 percent were thought to be poor or average with children in the car. Adult peers with small children self-rated themselves to be excellent drivers twice as much as they did when rating other parents driving with small children.

The following Respondents admitted to poor driving behaviors:

  • Almost 9 out of 10 drivers admit to driving faster than the speed limit; 4 out of 10 drivers admit to going more than 20 mph over the posted speed limit.
  • Men speed more than women at 48 percent compared to 30 percent respectively.
  • 45 percent have admitted to driving drowsy, almost to the point of falling asleep behind the wheel.
  • Over 3 out of 10 that responded said they have texted or emailed when driving a vehicle. The worst two age groups of those that responded to the survey were the 18-29 year olds (63 percent admittedly text and drive) and 30-44 year-olds (58 percent responded to this poor driving behavior)
  • The older the age the less likely they were to text while behind the wheel.
  • 70 percent of respondents said they have had a near-crash incident caused by being distracted while driving in which they have ran through a red light, swerved to avoid another car or slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting another vehicle.
  • 56 percent of drivers have been involved in an accident but almost 3 out of 10 admit the accident was their fault.

Interestingly, almost 65 percent of drivers surveyed admitted to adverse weather conditions like heavy rain or snow as being stressful to drive in while more than 50 percent said driving on congested roadways is stressful. Over 40 percent felt driving around large trucks made them nervous.

Drivers who exude confidence and practice safe driving behaviors can reduce the risk of a car accident but only if you obey traffic laws, eliminate distractions, drive sober and remain well rested every time you get in the driver’s seat.

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