Labor Day Weekend Poses a Threat for Drunk Driving Accidents in Charlotte, Greensboro and Elsewhere

As we approach the final summer holiday weekend, our car accident attorneys in Greensboro, Winston-Salem and elsewhere want to remind motorists that it has been a good summer, but end on a positive note by being careful and driving safely this Labor Day weekend.

Law enforcement will be keeping an eye out all weekend for drunk drivers so be responsible to avoid a ticket or worse, a fatal drunk driving accident in Charlotte, Statesville or throughout North Carolina.
My Fox 8 reports that law enforcement officers have been patrolling throughout North Carolina more heavily for most of August as part of the ‘Booze It and Lose It’ campaign. Dozens of motorists have been arrested by state troopers for driving under the influence in Randolph and Guilford Counties.

The consequences for a DWI arrest will soon become harsher starting December 1. A driver convicted of DWI with a young person in the vehicle will soon be punished for 30 days in jail or as much as 2 years in prison as laid out in Senate Bill 241. A separate bill, Laura’s Law, will punish repeat offenders with fines up to $10,000 and one to three years in jail. In 2010, there were 500 drunk driving accidents in North Carolina, of which 20 caused deaths.

While officers will be setting up roadblocks, doing more patrols and seeking to cut down on drunk driving, but they can’t do it alone. They need cooperation from the public. That means following drunk driving safety tips to ensure a safe weekend.

Holiday weekends always pose a serious threat to motorists sharing roadways due to more congested traffic and increased odds of drivers getting behind the wheel intoxicated after attending a holiday barbeque. The National Safety Council estimates that roughly 400 fatalities will take place this Labor Day weekend with another estimated 39,000 injuries related to traffic accidents. The Labor Day holiday weekend alone has averaged more than 14 percent of traffic fatalities over the last six years in comparison to any other non-holiday period.

NSC reminds motorists of these holiday weekend safety tips:

  • If weather conditions are poor, delay your travel plans or allow extra time for traveling.
  • Enforce a zero tolerance in your household, especially if you have a teen driver headed to a weekend gathering.
  • Keep all distracting electronic devices turned off in your vehicle all weekend.
  • If you intend to drink at a gathering make alternate plans for your return home either by staying over or arranging for a driver.
  • Maintain safety precautions by ensuring everyone is buckled before you leave.
  • Cut off any intake of alcoholic beverages several hours before getting in the car to drive home.
  • Be prepared by driving defensively to avoid an encounter with another vehicle.
  • Never give in to the impulse to speed, even if it means arriving late to the party.

  • If you have been involved in a distracted or drunk driving car accident in North Carolina, contact the experienced team of injury lawyers at the Lee Law Offices, P.A. For a free initial consultation to discuss your rights, call 1-800-887-1965.

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