Teen Safety Highlighted by Project Ignition: Aim is to Reduce Teen Car Accidents in Asheville, elsewhere

Organizations all over the country continue to be proactive about creating awareness regarding the dangers teens face when they first become legal to drive. Safe driving initiatives, programs and laws will hopefully sink in to the minds of young drivers at some point and start to make a positive impact on reducing teen car accidents in Asheville and other cities throughout the country.

We posted previously on our North Carolina Car Accident Lawyers Blog about The Ford Driving Skills for Life program offered to teens in Raleigh/Durham, which focused on teaching teens about critical skills that they often lack. Teaching teens about space and speed management, hazard recognition and how to handle a vehicle in critical situations through hands-on events and interactive programs is vital in giving teens the knowledge and experience to become better drivers.
Statesville car accident lawyers know getting school systems involved plays just as an important role in teen safety as reaching out to teens directly. School involvement can help mold teens in a peer setting and puts pressure on teens to make good decisions.

News Blaze reports that State Farm and National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC) are offering $2,000 grants to high schools throughout the country as part of Project Ignition, a program that teaches teen safety through a method called service-learning.

“The National Youth Leadership Council is proud to partner with State Farm to continue to provide this opportunity for students to use their own ideas and voices to make a tremendous impact on this issue,” said Kelita Svoboda Bak, NYLC CEO.

For eight years running, Project Ignition has been getting students and their mentors at school to come up with new ideas, and to campaign and host teen driver safety events. Students can obtain academic credit for their creativeness, initiative and time spent advocating for young driver safety.

The NYLC promotes service-learning because it is a unique way to teach and learn and get teens involved at school and within their community. The following is an example of service-learning:

-Students discover that a cell phone caused a teen driver to get distracted and cause an accident. The students then delve into the many possibilities of why a cell phone can be distracting. Once discussed with the members of the group, the students share their ideas and offer suggestions to other peers and community members that can reduce the temptation or willingness to use a cell phone while driving. Reflecting and creating awareness in an open forum can trickle down and cause others to consider the dangers of driving with a cell phone in their hand and hence curb the dangerous behavior.

2011-2012 Project Ignitions Grants are available to public high schools in North Carolina and throughout the country. A total of 25 schools will be hand-picked to instrument their campaigns during the months of January through April and will receive a $2,000 grant to put towards the campaign. Ten schools will be selected from the Top 25 and awarded an additional $5,000 to participate in a national event or conference. If one of the Top 10 schools opts to campaign during the following school year they could be eligible to receive another $2,500 grant for their participation.

For more information or to download an application, visit Project Ignition online or call 1-888-856-7026. Applications will be accepted until November 15, 2011.

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