Pedestrians, Bicyclists, Motorists at Risk of Intersection Accidents in Charlotte

Intersections are not only a common location for car accidents in Winston-Salem but they are also the site of many pedestrian and bicycle accidents which makes most intersections a deadly disaster waiting to happen. Motorists should use caution every time they approach an intersection because the complex traffic patterns and limited visibility can put them or others at risk of an accident which leads to serious injury or even fatality.

Charlotte car accident lawyers know that a good number of intersections are deemed dangerous based on past accidents reports. Knowing that particular intersections are classified as dangerous could allow bikers, pedestrians and motorists to alter their route or travel time in order to avoid a potential collision.
WSOCTV recently reported that Charlotte’s Department of Transportation put together a complete list of the city’s most dangerous intersections. In most cases, driver inattention, failure to yield, speed and other human factors were the leading causes of the accident.

The crash data report indicates for the second year in a row that the intersection of South Davidson and East Martin Luther King Boulevard ranked highest for accidents in 2010. This intersection has been the site for a total of 41 accidents over the last three years which is likely due to the high volume of traffic that passes through it each day. Other notable intersections that make the Top 5 list in Charlotte include:

  • Close to the Interstate 485 entrance where Harrisburg road connects with Cambridge Commons Drive.
  • North Caldwell Street and East 5th Street intersection.
  • Conlan Circle where it intersects with John J. Delaney Drive
  • Reagan Drive and North Tyron intersection.

The Charlotte Observer reports that the Department compiles an annual report on traffic data for Charlotte which does not include crash statistics for local interstates, parking lots or private lots. There were a total of 29 fatal accidents and roughly 5,800 injuries as a result of the 15,799 crashes that occurred in Charlotte in 2010. Collisions involving bicycles rose more than 10 percent from 83 in 2009 to the 94 reported in 2010.

Tips to remember for intersection safety:

  • Always yield the right of way.
  • Prepare to stop at a yellow light about to turn red unless stopping causes the situation to be more dangerous.
  • Wait for oncoming traffic to pass the intersection before making a left turn.
  • Tailgating is never advised but near an intersection this behavior can be particularly dangerous because you don’t know what the vehicle in front of you will do. Following too close usually results in a rear-end collision with one or more vehicles.
  • Take note of your surroundings at intersections which includes being alert for pedestrians, bicyclists or other vehicles.
  • Refrain from checking text messages or emails while waiting for the light to turn green.
  • Yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk before putting your vehicle in motion.

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