North Carolina Distracted Driving Accidents Costly for Families, Require Experienced Law Firm

What is the cost of a distracted driving accident in Hickory? The Chicago Tribune reports that the price tag is overbearing for families and it can be quite costly for an entire state when calculated properly.

Car accident lawyers in Winston-Salem and elsewhere know that the financial suffering doesn’t even come close to the emotional toll that a family faces after losing a loved one to a distracted driving accident.
According to the article, the Car Talk expert calculated the cost of distracted driving for Kansas. Twenty-eight percent of deaths are caused by distracted drivers which, in Kansas, translates to 97 fatalities, 5,000 injuries and roughly 12,000 cases where property is damaged in a distraction-related accident. Consequently, the Kansas economy was tagged in 2009 with a $500 million price tag for property damage, injuries and fatalities caused by a distracted driver.

The National Safety Council estimates property damage costs $7,500 per accident. The cost of personal injury is estimated at $61,600 and the cost per fatality is roughly $1,130,000.

So much attention is given to distracted driving nowadays because it is the cause of death for so many on American roadways. Passing state laws won’t be enough to deter drivers from texting or talking on their cell phone while they drive. Effective campaigns which address public safety and distracted driving are needed statewide to reduce the number of accidents caused by driver inattention. It is estimated that if laws and campaigns could reduce distracted driving accidents by 10 percent it would have a direct effect and cut state costs annually by $50 million.

Maybe it is as simple as what a young Lake Norman High School student is doing as she remembers the death of a grandmother in Mooresville. The Lake Norman News reports that even five years after the teen distracted driving accident that killed an elder woman in her neighborhood, it continues to have a profound effect on the high school junior who recently obtained her learner’s permit. Working towards achieving the highest attainable award in Girl Scouts, the Girl Scout Gold Award, the junior is asking drivers in her area to pledge not to use a cell phone or other digital device while they drive. The teen created a short video playing out the dangers of distracted driving and will be campaigning at events this summer to try to get motorists in North Carolina to sign the pledge.

Motorists who put away the cell phone while they drive can save in so many ways. Not only is saving a life important, but the financial and emotional savings of reducing distracted driving accidents is enough to last a lifetime.

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