New Technology Could Lead to More Defective Vehicles, Putting Motorists at Risk of Car Accidents in Winston-Salem, Nationwide

The possibility of a motorist staying connected while they drive their vehicle could be in the future, but Greensboro car accident attorneys are wondering what that will do to the already horrific distracted driving statistics that are reported each year in our country.

An article in Forbes reports that drivers could soon benefit from wireless access in their vehicle if multiple software and service providers can work together to make it happen. It will require that the automobile industry, telecommunications industry and possibly even the insurance industry charter unfamiliar territory in an effort to bring wireless to your vehicle at the touch of a button.
One foreseeable problem is that the owner of a vehicle is not always the driver. The driver may have an application on their smart phone for an eco-friendly map service which would save on fuel while the owner is registered for a mapping device offering the shortest route through the automaker. The two industries collide in a situation like this.

From a safety standpoint, improving telecommunications technology has made distracted driving accidents in Winston-Salem, and elsewhere in the country a health threat resulting in almost 5,500 deaths each year.

The complexity of all these industries providing a service to users, no matter who owns the vehicle or the device, could lead to more defective vehicle claims. Technology may have made some vehicles safer over the years, but it has also created a lot of distraction that makes roadways unsafe for everyone who shares them.

One prediction for the future is that drivers will program the vehicle to their liking via the web by creating a profile. The driver could set up a portal containing personal information, insurance carrier, and mobile service provider which would allow for alterations enabled by vehicle systems, mobile Web portals, desktops and smartphone apps.

The automaker would even pre-configure a skin type for the dashboard to identify each driver using the vehicle. Drivers would be able to download the automaker’s app for any vehicle which allows smartphones to integrate with vehicle systems. To improve safety, the new technology would only allow smartphone access when the vehicle isn’t moving.

For example, if you wanted to download music to you dashboard or view video images on your screen, you could, but only if your vehicle isn’t moving. As soon as the vehicle starts in motion, images would go blank thereby limiting distractions for motorists while they drive.

In all likelihood, the vehicle system would only operate on voice commands and not allow any touch features to control the applications.It all sounds complicated, but with technology nothing is ever simple. Even if the experts were to figure out how to limit accidents caused by driver inattention, there is still a concern for defective vehicles causing fatal injuries in a car accident.

Ask yourself, is staying connected while you drive really worth risking your life or the life of another?

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